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  1. I didn't imply that they required ID. I just said it's a better place to make the argument.
  2. He's right, but making a poor job explaining it. Before there could be stars, there had to be atoms, and before that a big bang. Everything can be traced back to a more primitive state with potential for the next step.
  3. It was a potential with mammals millions of years ago. The Homo lineage came from that, and resulted in us. If you're looking for ID in nature, there are better places to look. Like the fine tuned elementary particles, and the cell's ability to reproduce itself. Those two things are great mysteries, how they came to be.
  4. Icelandic ice cave (I use this image as background of my lock screen) , Dripstone cave in Germany
  5. That sounds even more stupid than my idea. Sorry pal. Please let the pro's give their opinion.
  6. I just had an idea. What if gravity is two forces instead of one? The primary force: An incompatibility between spacetime and matter. Spacetime repelling matter. The secondary force: Matter attracting matter. Being the same it wants to unite. (Surrounded by repelling spacetime.) It's a bit like water and oil. Stupid?
  7. There's 4,400 years between 3,000 BC and 1,400 AD. The middle would be approximately the year 800 BC
  8. Far greater men, than what I could ever be, have also been deemed wrong, and have achieved what was considered impossible, to previous generations. I'm not saying we will be able to manipulate high energy and exotic particles in a lab, but what can't be done controlled, might have a work-around outside. Limiting ourselves never helped anything.
  9. If we some day get to know everything about how the universe works, and how matter can be manipulated, which is the logical consequence of a TOE, we will be able to evolve our technologies to the maximum. That means that everything that is possible can be done. That will have an enormous impact on human life. But since we are not there yet, we don't know yet, what is possible with maximum technology, but I imagine it is a lot. Just my two cents.
  10. Our skeptic hero, James Randi, has died, age 92. RIP https://web.randi.org/home/james-randi-has-died
  11. Hello gentlemen! I recently discovered Sir Roger Penrose's conjecture about Conformal Cyclic Cosmology, and I find it very interesting. His claim that there are visible traces of the past aeon (former universe) in the CMB is a very intriguing, but I just can't wrap my head around how a cold, massless, radiation filled universe can turn into a hot dense singularity. Maybe someone here can explain it in layman's terms? What do you think about the CCC theory? Here's a 39 minute video where he explains it. But the step from old to new universe just doesn't click with me.
  12. Thanks for the link. I will read it one of these days. I have a sleeping disorder, and right now my head is buzzing.
  13. The random kicks has nothing to do with the observer effect. The OE isn't even mentioned. They are the back action that makes the HUP. Or at least that is what the article tries to explain. Are you claiming that back action and the observer effect is the same thing?
  14. I doubt that very much. It's work done and published by the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. Bohr's own grandson works there.
  15. They have eliminated Quantum Back Action. Here's an article about the setup, and how they did it: https://www.nbi.ku.dk/english/news/news17/clever-atomic-cloud-solves-heisenbergs-observational-problem/ As far as I understand, they have bypassed the uncertainty principle, or what?
  16. Your reference link is pointing back to this page. Reference link: https://phys.org/news/2020-09-quantum-entanglement-distant-large.html
  17. The orange menace had a strategy: Interrupt, interrupt, interrupt. Attack, attack, attack. He was not there to talk politics, but to disrupt Biden. Biden tried very hard to stay on the topics, but was too well mannered to keep talking despite of the interruptions. I guess he figured no one could hear what he said anyway. Trump lost the argument at his first interruption, but unfortunately his supporters see that as a victory. Their hero is a bully.
  18. If you turn the whole galaxy into a double slit experiment, by using photons from stars, it still gives the same result. How is that for large scale? 😉
  19. The Mpemba effect seems to have been debunked in 2016: https://www.nature.com/articles/srep37665
  20. Where is the graviton expected to be located in the nucleus? I know that up and down quarks have a spin of ½, and the graviton's should be 2. Could it be inside the quarks? Or could it be an undetectable sphere around the nucleus as a whole?
  21. So, you're saying that (collapsed) particles display wave behavior? Where do we observe that?
  22. If our brain can be described as an instrument (it certainly bares the trademarks of one), then the wave/particles of our bodies are in a constant collapsed state, because the brain, as a detector, is always turned on. Just my two cents.
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