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  1. JosefinaHarrison

    About C language

    You can also go online for building the program.
  2. JosefinaHarrison

    Nerve Gear

    I think it is a great project to have I would like that if it is gonna be ready soon and that can be used as human safety.
  3. JosefinaHarrison

    Can you solve this Riddle?

    I like to solve this blood relation problem. what about D?
  4. JosefinaHarrison

    Can you solve this puzzle?

    Has anyone got the answer to the above-mentioned question? I saw the video but unable to answer it.
  5. JosefinaHarrison

    Who am I?

    It depends upon the potential, there may be n number of answer to the above-mentioned question.
  6. JosefinaHarrison

    A Simple Brain Teaser !

    I also think so that Starting is the correct answer to this game.