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  1. Most of the time when I attempt to prove that earth is a living star, people always disagree with me saying that a star is like our sun and bla bla bla... Ironically our sun isn't actually a star. It's a dead star. Which remnants do you guess had been left upon its supernova? White dwarf, neutron star or black hole? Guess what, It's actually a black hole. Our sun is a black hole. 😲

    1. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Are you trying to hide from criticism by posting in your profile? If you can't support these ideas in the forums, we sure don't want them anywhere else on site.

    2. Lan Todak

      Lan Todak

      No. This status is for expressing our feeling during a day right? I was just expressing my feeling towards a few feedbacks I encounter everyday, that's all. But I did leave a nonsense at the end. Just ignore it. 😁

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