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  1. Here is a quote I came up with the other day.

    " The interface from the universe to the brain is a continuous one, the interface from the brain to the universe is a discrete one."

    Tell me what you all think about this quote.

    Thank you

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    2. joigus


      I'm not sure what you mean. I'm sure though I'm not sure what you mean. But,

      If I had to bet anything on those matters I'd probably put my money and mouth on such interface having to do with logically unreachable propositions, like cardinals that are intermediate between aleph 0 (the counting numbers) and aleph 1 (the continuum.)

      The interface could be fractal. Why not?

    3. ALine


      @Alex_Krycek By discrete I am referring to discrete and continuous information. Got the idea from taking signals and systems in college, however it does not really "mean" anything due to it being like a "poetic quote." I am defining poetic quote as being a quote which has only analogous meaning and not real in any sense like a drawing. Apologies for the confusion.

      @joigus I have no idea what aleph 0 and aleph 1 mean and your right why not. 

    4. joigus


      Sorry about that. Aleph 0 is the cardinality (number of elements) of the natural numbers; aleph 1 is the cardinality of the continuum. The question as it stands today of whether there is an intermediate cardinality between them is unanswerable.

      Aleph 0 and aleph 1 are infinite, but cardinalizable nonetheless.

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