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  1. How much more productive? The most widely accepted estimate is 5-10 times. On the basis of my own personal experience with the two languages, I agree with this estimate. Managers who are considering adding Python to their organization’s list of approved development tools, however, cannot afford to accept such reports uncritically. They need evidence and some understanding of why programmers are making such claims. This page is for those managers. On this page, I present a list of side-by-side comparisons of features of Java and Python. If you look at these comparisons, you can see why Python can be written much more quickly, and maintained much more easily, than Java. The list is not long — it is meant to be representative, not exhaustive. This page looks only at programmer productivity and does not attempt to compare Java and Python on any other basis. There is, however, one related topic that is virtually impossible to avoid. Python is a dynamically-typed language, and this feature is an important reason why programmers can be more productive with Python; they don’t have to deal with the overhead of Java’s static typing. So the debates about Java/Python productivity inevitably turn into debates about the comparative advantages and drawbacks of static typing versus dynamic typing — or strong typing versus weak typing — in programming languages. I will not discuss that issue here, other than to note that in the last five years a number of influential voices in the programming community have been expressing serious doubts about the supposed advantages of static typing. I find this article commercial link removed by moderator where you can get a lot of useful information on this topic. I hope this helps. Good Luck
  2. Enzymes are proteins which have a tertiary (i think?) structure and this means that they have a complex shape, enabling substrates to be very specific to the enzyme (they have to have the shape which fits in)
  3. There are an awful lot of gas turbine generators (both fixed and mobile) in this country. I would think they would find a way to operate them to power the cooling systems. or truck in more diesel. or keep the reactor running to power its own auxilaries if nothing else.
  4. The courses, depending on which university and the specifics, are usually very similar. There is likely to be a more focused role on aerospace applications in aerospace, but the core fundamental stuff will probably be the same between the two degrees. In lectures (I do mechanical), I sit with those doing automotive/motorsport/aerospace technology. The guys doing automotive engineering have exactly the same modules as we do, except a handful over the 3 years are the "vehicle version" of what we're doing. Someone who started on motorsport could potentially switch to mechanical because they're so similar.
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