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  1. Gotcha, any ideas on the cost for this thing? everyone just keeps saying that it is a phenomenal amount of money, but no estimated numbers...
  2. Wow this is really informational and helpful. Thank you for sending! Just to be clear, there are no thoughts on how we can recreate a mini big bang and start a planet with its own resources that creates its own life while creating an artificial sun for it. And then possibly accelerating the planets growth process somehow to make it less primitive...
  3. Oh very interesting. The rotating torus sounds like a good strategy. Do you know where I could research how to build this? and what about the sunlight. This is very new ground for me and is something I got curious about. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.
  4. Sure, enclosed habitats would be fine. But is there a way that we could make an artificial atmosphere? I'm really interested in any possibility of making this mini earth. What ever it would take.
  5. What if we were able to build mini-Earths and have them orbit around our planet Earth... How could we achieve this? All ideas, any ideas would be very helpful. Thank you.