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  1. the HCl will have reacted by now' date=' there`s non in there :)


    as for dangerous, I`m a little curious about the "yellow prussiate of soda", as that sounds remarkably like a CN compound (Cyanide), I could be wrong, but HCN (hydrogen Cyanide) is also known as Pussic Acid, and so a Prussiate sounds like a salt of this.[/quote']


    YT, it is indeed a cyanide compound. It is added to some table salt (usually kosher table salt) as an anti-caking agent. It is sodium ferrocyanide.

  2. I have recently acquired about 1/4 of a pound of Cr2O3 from a rock shop. I have heard that it dissolves in H2SO4 to form a solution that gives Cr upon electrolysis. However, I cannot seem to dissolve it. Are there any chemicals other than H2SO4 and Cr2O3 that are needed?:confused: :confused: :confused:

  3. Ya I heard seeds have very little in em, but perhaps why they taste kinda tart. And they did a similiar school close-off to remove some like ruptured Bromine or something. Turns out very few schools are still allowed to have Br for chemistry.


    The tart taste of mustard is also good example of a way that it makes things tart. I believe that it is a thiocyanate in mustard however.

  4. Back OT, I measured the radiation from a single Am pellet from a smoke detector with my GC. It's readings averaged out at around 4.5 mR/Hr (5400 CPM). My counter only measures Gamma and Beta however, so it could be higher. In comparison, a standard old Coleman Lantern Mantle will give readings averaging out at around 8.75 mR/Hr (10,500 CPM). Anybody got any Alpha readings?

  5. A is made from two steel cables, overlaid with 2ftx6ft redwood lumber. It is 110 feet long, and sags down in the middle 5 feet lower than the ends of it. There are 400 pounds of wood in all.Each cable is rated at 2000lbs


    How much moreweight can this bridge support? Show or link to your proof, and show the formula used. In what ways does allowing extra sag affect the end result? What about if four cables were used rather than two? :confused: :confused: :confused:

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