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  1. "noooo. youre wasting it. why in the world would you use potassium Nitrate for something as useless as chilli peppers. Do chilli pepers give you an adrenaline rush like a blackpowder rocket goung 600 feet in the air?....thought not.

    Wannabe pyros?. ok ill give you that one, but i have made some decent rockets with some nice headings to match them!"



    Have you ever eaten a chili pepper staight from the bush? Talk about a rush! :)

  2. Meteorites have always excited the human imagination. Each is a story, an ancient telling of planetary origins that stirs big-think philosophizing.


    That is not entirely true. Yes, people saw them, nut not everyone was amazed by them. In fact, until the 1700's, people were not aware of what a meteorite was. If someone said the rocks were from space, they would usually be charged.

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