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  1. no it can be nerve cells and muscle cells somewhat
  2. a persons understanding of anything is only a result of what they have experienced or have been told. Before people knew the earth was round they KNEW it wasnt . Before people knew it was possible to get to the moon the KNEW it wasnt. Preception is only the result of your experiences
  3. if you want to see ir light take the red filter off the lenses of a camera and than you can see it.
  4. if you give yeast sugar and warm water it will start reproducing. If you put higher voltage though it it will act as a semi-conductor. It is really awesome. http://www.wprld-of-a-new.comuf.com
  5. that's what i was thinking. maybe if you make the coil smaller it will make it go faster?
  6. if you are talking about dc it is just a switch ,but if you are talking about ac it is allready switching at 60 hrz
  7. it works on the law of induction. When a wire is in the presence of a magnetic field it induces a current in it. and it works the opposite way to when you put a current through a wire it puts off a magnetic field. and it is true that when you hold a light thing next to a tesla coil it will induce a current in it and it lights up.
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