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  1. What is this string theory dealing with 11 demensions by Einstein all about? Any ideas on where I should start looking online? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedWow very complex. Can anyone give me a small basic description?
  2. I see. My appologies. I thought it was a stab in the back of sorts.
  3. while they are the cornerstones of theory formation, are they the cornerstones of science? There are many different regions of science. Cosmology, for example, deals with the universe in it's entirety and human's place in it. While many scientists don't enjoy that this form of science has been recently recognized by the science community, it is still a reputable form of science and therefore cannot be ignored. PS: many of my ideas are cosmology related. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedwhat im trying to say is that science itself doesn't necessarily deal solely with theories an
  4. The questions asked on this site are all related. And the answers are all similar in that they deal with physics in some way shape or form. And physics laws are based upon infinancy. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedAnd if someone would like to argue the fact that not all questions are physics related. That is true. Not all questions are directly related, but are indeed related in some shape or form.
  5. 1+2=3=2+1=3=1+2 say it however you want, it all still means the same thing
  6. okay i see no reason to further this argument if i will be ganged up on
  7. HMM while they may initially travel at the same speed, i dont believe radiowaves carrying information would travel the same speed as light. The information encoded within the waves would slow them down. RIGHT? And henseforth i would like to further state that in accordance to the origonal post that if radiowaves dont travel at the speed of light then the reworking of the question of how the radiowaves will sound will have to be rethunkified
  8. Define falsifiable.. i am ignorant to it's meaning.
  9. Too much truth here... But while you think i am merely jumpin in head first I am not. I AM indeed open to outside oppinions but not when those opinions are in disregard of mine.
  10. I would like to recieve responses in this post regarding people's understanding of the universe. Or rather how they perceive it. Was there a beginning and will there be an end, or is the universe static?
  11. People are testing my beliefs in this universe right now.. they have been testing them since the beginning of science... and they always will be testing them. I merely ask anyone who reads or hears about my "thoughts" to simply think within that perspective when trying to figure something out. It will help them make sense of everything around them. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged thx
  12. i couldn't tell you which tests to run, i have never tested my THEORIES. I simply use basic logistic skillz to FORMULATE them. I capitalize theories and formulate because there is scientific cognition in my thoughts when i come up with these THEORIES.
  13. fair enough. i ask hence forth that no one removes me directly. I merely ask you and everyone else to disprove my theory of multiple universes coexisting with each other. if it can be disproved then kick me out, and i'll never return.
  14. I am aware that you are refering to my Bashing the big bang theory post from earlier. Please, try to disprove it with all the mathematics that are out there. I will make the prediction that it cannot be done.
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