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  1. The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

    Thank you Thank you. It's certainly thrilling to be here.
  2. I have placed an edit on my post to show you specifically what I am referring to. I hope this helps me to get an answer. I feel it will also rule out "anecdotal experience".
  3. This makes sense, like it's the opposite effect though. Really interesting. I'm going to actually record some of the footage, slow it down, and see if this is happening in real time. Thank you for the article read. That was fascinating!
  4. Please help answer this for me. I realize this is based on anecdotal experience, but I could not even find a relation on Google. AskScience on reddit turned me away because they claimed that could not be discussed there due to "anecdotal experience". It is to my understanding that Science requires openness to flourish. I wasn't sure which category of Science this went into, so if it needs to be moved, feel free to mods. Last night I was watching one of my favorite shows, Westworld. I noticed that when I would look directly at the actor's faces, and the scene would switch abruptly, the image of their face would lose color for a brief moment. At first, I thought this was just fatigue, because I was very tired, which COULD have something to do with it. I didn't notice it on EVERY person or switch. I became fascinated with it, so I kept watching each image closely to conduct my experiment. I wanted to rule out that it may have been a glitch in the filming or processing. It happened over and over again. I even replayed parts over and over to confirm that it wasn't just my imagination. I imagine I saw it on the actor's faces/skin because that is the easiest surface for eyes to catch for my brain to process. I Googled this with no avail. I'm not sure if what I am searching is incorrect, but I am TRULY eager to know what kind of effect is going on here. Please explain, or point me in the right direction. Thank you! Edit: I recorded a piece of the clip, and slowed it down. I even asked my Dad to rule out anecdotal experience. I don't want to give power of suggestion either, but the loss of color happens at 26 seconds. There is also a brief one before it. It happens on her face!
  5. The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

    I didn't see a sub-forum for introductions, so I'm saying hello here! I'm mainly interested in astrophysics, but I love all areas of Science!