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  1. 7 minutes ago, Anonymous Participant said:

    Are you aware of the psychological phenomenon known as projection? From my perspective it is easy to see what you're about, just looking at the photograph you use for an avatar reveals a hell of a lot more about you than you know. "There is only one race, the human race"....well, there goes the entire discipline of anthropology shot to hell, might as well burn the books and declare us all the same. Emotion has no place in science, superstition and faith based ideas that defy logic and rational thought belong elsewhere. You're displacing logic with irrational emotions, you know damn well I'm right about the races and you come onto a thread to attack me simply because I made you face it.

    You have no idea about what is being discussed here because you're not a person with a scientific mindset. Is it meaningful to you? Probably not. Does that mean it's not the most meaningful thing you've ever read? It could be and you'd never realize it. You are incapable of judging either way because it takes true intelligence to perceive true intelligence.


    My avatar is a photograph of myself and my lady - hardly aimed at concealing anything.

    As for science, I studied Astrophysics at University.

    I have written aerodynamics software for aircraft design (and built my own aircraft).

    (I was also lead singer & songwriter in a punk rock band many years ago - though that is totally irrelevant.)

  2. 7 minutes ago, Anonymous Participant said:

    Right back atcha! Given our "exchange" last night I'd say you're the last person who should be citing the Dunning Kruger effect.

    Intelligence is self evident, it's not something that can be faked. The moment you claimed racists were knuckle dragging subhuman, you defined The Dunning Kruger effect. You don't even know what a racist is, and you deny the races are unequal. Why would we have to describe a race if it was equal to another? Anyway, keep your off topic insults off my threads. if you have an intelligent contribution let's hear it. I'd love to see you try to disqualify anything I've said.

    Not easy to disqualify anything you've said, for the simple reason that you haven't said anything meaningful.


    Maybe it's your ludicrously bad spelling that annoys whoever it is (can't possibly be the endless reams of drivel - or the seemingly total lack of listening skills).

  4. On 05/09/2017 at 7:59 PM, Mike Smith Cosmos said:

    This is almost on a par with this " ORTHODONAL DIMENSION " that we discussed , and you played around with. 

    Maybe there really is such an " ORTHODONAL UNIVERSE" running right along side ours . We just need to find the " way in " . 

    Do you mean "orthogonal" or "orthodontal"

  5. 16 minutes ago, Anonymous Participant said:

    Comparing present day sub Saharan Africa to Rome 2000 years ago or a graph of the bell curve illustrating and comparing intelligence of whites , blacks, and Asians should illustrate to you well that the races are not equal and some are inferior to others. It might not be politically correct but it is factually correct and it doesn't have to mean ou dislike or are prejudice against another race.

    Typical racist bullshit. There is in fact only one race of humans - the human race.

    1 minute ago, Anonymous Participant said:

    Promoting the idea of intelligent design is not supporting a religious belief system,

    Yes it is.

  6. "But now, 105 years later, scientists have revealed that the Tunguska devastation was indeed caused by a meteorite. A group of Ukrainian, German, and American scientists have identified its microscopic remains. Why it took them so many years makes for a fascinating tale about the limits of science and how we are pushing them."


  7. 28 minutes ago, DrP said:

    lol - people give the same evidence for God -  "I can feel him". "It gave me a warm feeling inside" "I was moved"...  all of which can be said for a fart, I have produced some that have really moved people (physical of their own accord to a different location). The thing is that you can actually light or smell a fart..  which is better proof of it's existence that the other as you cannot (afaik) light it or smell it. However, here on the internets we only have your word for this I am afraid! I mean, if you can bottle some and post it then we could get it analysed and prove your claim.

    ....  I'll send the sample to the 'Anal'itical Chemist...   ba dum! 

    Ahh.. But bottling a new one would not be evidence that the original one existed.

  8. 14 hours ago, Endy0816 said:

    You can file a patent for things that may not be real.

    The potential seizure risk from strobe effects is well known and illegal to use maliciously in many locations.

    I did think of strobe effects - if this is what is happening (assuming anything is), then the effect could also be shown on a flat screen monitor.

    Another (rather unlikely alternative) could be that on a tube screen, the changing magnetic field is causing an infrasonic vibration - the effects of which are well known.



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