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    Physics, cryptography, computers, programming & cybersecurity, philosophy, sudokus, poetry, thrash metal, classical music (yeah, it's possible). I'm deeply interested in social movements and social changes.
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    Just living among books while listening to Megadeth or Chopin., who knows.
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    I'm currently studying...surprise
  1. In my opinion the lack of a consistent English definition of evil is caused by a cultural unconscious inheritance. Taking into account England is where the industrial revolution was born, leading to a later marxist wave originally in east -Europe which influenced the whole cultural and intellectual elite; I would rather say there's a tacitus ideological component in linguistics. This idea is based on the great influence of authors such us Goethe who meant the word "evil" as a extraordinary force which could lead to magnificent processes which weren't compulsory negative or immoral. So regardin
  2. Well, there are some interesting points you all have talked about. AI machines, as everybody knows, are characterized by the fact they use 5th generation coding languages which allow them to execute algorithms in a highly efficient way regardless the computational load. In addition, they can be assisted by cellular automata , so we have a great common fact : the mathematical basis which enables them to recreate multiple situations and develop their possible numerical consequences. As the last thing we could thing also about the evolution quantum computers and quantum algorithmcs which gives
  3. Hi everyone, I'm Kairos. I'm a female student highly interested in physics, computers, programming and cybersecurity. I also speak fluently Spanish (my mother tongue) and French. I love sudokus, listening to thrash, folk, viking, pagan metal and classical music (yeah, it IS possible hahahah). I really like philosophy, poetry,social movements and social changes and custom motorbikes.
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