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  1. Has anyone ever worked or volunteered in a lab as a high school student? How did you go about getting yourself involved? Is this even possible? As someone who's looking to major in bio-something in college, I'm jumping at all the experience it's possible to get - both for the sake of experience itself and because it'd look awesome on application. Any input and/or advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. IMHO: Sheehan would undoubtedly deserve sympathy in the case of a draft. However, her son knew what he was getting into when he signed up for military and she is grossly disrespecting that decision by taking his death to the level she has.
  3. silentsailor


    So now god created superglue?? Let's teach ID in shop class!!! Did your stepdad buy it or was he just watching it for the "wtf" factor?
  4. Hahaha, that's fantastic. Intelligent Design Intelligent Design Intelligent Design
  5. Yes, without hesitation. Death is permanent, guys, and frankly, there aren't many benefits to it.
  6. Honestly, I don't see how Bush's opinion on the matter is a shock to anyone, though the ID folks will probably take it and run with it. Yes, we should inform kids about intelligent design - and the fact that it's absolute bullshit :\ Or maybe it could go in social studies classes. That would be fun. *IF* it happens - and that's a big "if" - I think that the kids who want to go into biology will (hopefully) be smart enough to differentiate between fact and fiction, so the percentage of kids interested in scientific fields won't really be affected regardless of what's taught (and as a highschool sophomore living in the bible belt, examples of that course of action are prevalent enough). The problem is what will happen to the less-interested majority, and their view of science as a whole. But I'm sure we've got a surplus of threads on this issue so I'll stop here
  7. Yep. On the list of human universals, under "tabooed utterances" - http://condor.depaul.edu/~mfiddler/hyphen/humunivers.htm (that whole list is interesting, btw)
  8. Debris: two-foot long chunk of foam insulation, basically the same thing that happened to Columbia except this time it didn't hit the orbiter. And now the shuttle fleet is grounded. And this sucks :\
  9. Brilliant scientists and engineers who live forever = big bad alien-killing weapons.
  10. Oh, that was fun. The eight-year-old in me still wants to be an astronaut. (If this thing is torn apart during reentry NASA is screwed.)
  11. Well, I'm from San Antonio so I *have* to say the Spurs Everyone was nervous about Ginobli's injury because he kind of leads the team but it looks like that's fine.
  12. The last Bean book came out in the beginning of March, it's called Shadow of the Giant Very good book (and that's coming from someone who HATED Bean). Dunno when it'll be out in paperback, though. I read these books when I was nine and lent them to some friends. We'd be stupid and play battleschool in the pool and stuff, haha.
  13. Have you just been posting in the general discussions forum? Because posts here don't count.
  14. Jackets and skirts and polos and tanks and jeans and tshirts and do I love having more options than the rest of you guys or WHAT. Pffft don't waste resources. Make necklaces from their teeth and weave sweaters from their hair.
  15. Jee-zus, you guys have me beat by miles. We should have a hall-of-"fame" sort of thing. More: 3) Accidentally brushing a live wire against my lip, wondering what that odd sort of tingling was, and then doing it again to see. 4) Had four double-espressos around midnight during exam week. It was a dare sort of thing. 5) Went three days without sleeping during another exam week - must have been around a year and a half later. Aced them all, but needless to say it was a very, very bad idea.
  16. Seconded. Aside from the fact that you feel stupid posting at a highschool level around people who know more, I'm sure they get annoyed with seeing the basics so often (however, it might create a sort of community gap...?).
  17. Mine: 1) Decided to re-enact Fight Club with a few guys (i'm female) who were all 2+ years older than me 2) Set up a chain of trampolines with the aforementioned friends, that went like this: jump from the roof, onto the first trampoline, onto a smaller trampoline, into the pool. Your turn.
  18. This issue might be school-specific, but my city just passed a bill that cut out spring break and extended summer until after labor day (previously, school began in mid-august). It wouldn't be much of an issue if it didn't push semester exams until after the two-week winter break, which is ridiculous. And another thing is how courses and teaching standards are always being tailored to the stupidest kids. Ugh.
  19. The idea that, someday in the distant (or not-so-distant, depending on where you are grade-wise) future, someday I will be through with all of this monotonous crap and end up with a fantastic, interesting job doing world-changing, envelope-pushing research Modify accordingly. I'll also do stupid things, like going all day without eating and then not having something until i finish with something. But that's not recommended.
  20. The problem with secret societies is that they can't give out free t-shirts. Very cool idea for a thread
  21. High school can be slow. Completely, utterly, dreadfully, mind-numbingly slow - and as a freshman, I've got firsthand experience in this matter. Some teachers are better than others, but even then the quality of the class depends on funding, time, the brilliance/idiocy of fellow students, and a whole slew of other issues. So: what are some of the better online resources for learning the basics (and/or more) outside of school? Uber Spiffy experiment sites, eTexts, organizations - any good resources are welcome.
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