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  1. Medication can also play a role in obesity as well, like steroids for asthma, and especially anitpsychotic drugs. Zyprexa in particular is notorious for weight gain. Some people have gained a pound a day whlie on it!
  2. Raiden from Mortal Kombat rocks. I like Glacius from Killer Instinct, too.
  3. Dihydrogen monoxide? Isn't that another name for water?
  4. During a moon mission, a few astronauts (maybe one was Buzz Aldron?) experienced little flashes of light, which turned out to be cosmic rays hitting the retina. If I find a link, I will post it, but I don't know if flashes of light from cosmic rays can happen here on Earth.
  5. If radioactive material emits a blue glow under certain conditions, then what is this green glow that has always been associated with radioactivity?
  6. I can't for the life of me understand why people want to live up to and after 100. Most people who are over eighty have numerous medical problems and have to take so many meds that bad interactions are common and could possibly kill them off sooner than otherwise. I mean, I thought that we are supposed to enjoy live, and quite frankly, taking a bunch of pills and dealing with diseases that develop as we age (arthritis, heart problems, etc.) doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me . I guess that is why research is trying to find ways to slow all the damage that aging causes. For now, though, eighty is good enough for me.
  7. There is a special on the possibility of Yellowstone exploding coming on TV. I think it will be on the Science Channel or the National Geographic Channel. From what I've seen on the commercials, it looks like it will be good!
  8. Oh! Duh! Don't know any Vulcan, but I do like Star Trek, my friend!
  9. This is called Obler's Paradox. I think that maybe if the universe is infinite, then maybe there are stars that are hundreds of billions or trillions of ly away, and that maybe their light has not reached us yet.
  10. It's part of the classification system: O, B, A, F, G, K, and M (Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me). Class-M stars are the reddist, coolest, and smallest. The Sun is a class-G star. I have no idea what Min-Shara is.
  11. I am working on a persuasive essay for my comp two class, and I've decided to convince my instructor that people (specifically women) need to stop! with! the! MCDONALD'S! According to my research, 65% of Americans are overweight or obese. It is even worse if you break it down into catagories by ethnicity and gender. For women, 78% of blacks and 72% of Hispanics are overweight, compared to 57% of whites. As for morbid obesity in American women (100 lbs over "ideal" weight), 15% of blacks and 5.5% of Hispanics are morbidly obese, compared to 4.9% of whites. I am part of a minority group, and I am proud to say that I have a BMI of 21, which is NORMAL. Taco or fried chicken, anyone?
  12. With 45 questions, I am.... http://images.similarminds.com/leader/5.jpg ....Einstein. I wish!
  13. I have noticed that people have been focusing on the characteristics of the planets (Jupiter-sized", etc.), but say nothing about the sun that it may orbit around. This is equally important. If it is an O, B, A, or F-class, life will probably not exist in such a system---at least not in an Earth-sized orbit for one simple fact, which is radiation. The hotter a star is, the higher the radiation output, especially in the higher bands like UV, which is deadly to life. If the star is an M-class, a planet would have to orbit extremely close to get warm, and the gravity of the star would probably rip it to bits. Just a speculation.....
  14. Hi, I'm Soulestada. I am majoring in accounting, but I have always loved science---cosmology and astronomy are my favorites. I "shadowed" a physicist from Harvard for a few months, and I loved it! I think I've picked the wrong field to enter, but who says you can't go back to college!
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