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  1. A 2 kg mass (m1) and a 3 kg mass (m2) are attached to a lightweight cord that passes over a frictionless pulley.




    Assume the positive direction of motion to be when the smaller object moves upward and the larger mass moves downward.


    Okay...I went around trying to solve this as a normal tension problem...going like this:


    T - (m1)g = (m1)a and T - (m2)g = (m1)a (g = 9.8, a = acceleration)


    therefore: T = (m1)a + (m1)g and T = (m2)a + (m2)g

    (m2)a + (m20g = (m1)a + (m2)g


    solving that gives: a = 9.8 (meters per second squared)

    the answer key says: 1.96 (meters per second squared)


    My answer makes more sense to me...but I have a feeling I'm wrong (I get the feeling physics likes to chuck intuition out the window).


    Is the answer key correct?

  2. http://www.hackthissite.org - has a whole bunch of challenges from Beginner to Uber hacker.


    http://www.mod-x.co.uk/main.php - Neat wargame. I'm on the second level on this one. I like this one the best so far.


    http://3564020356.org/ - Haven't gotten around to doing this one yet, but you need to solve riddles and puzzles and you need to solve one in the beginning to register.


    http://www.hackquest.de/ - this one has an interesting beginning challenge. Haven't solved it yet.


    http://www.hackits.de - this one looks good too.


    http://www.slyfx.com/ - similar to the rest.


    http://aspect.bestweb.net/ - similar to the rest.


    http://www.bright-shadows.net/ - Wow! This site has a heck of a lot of challenges. They number in the 100s! Try it out.


    Eh...too bad dievo.org is down.

  3. OH SHIT!!!


    You're right!


    Dievo as we knew it is no more!!!


    Apparently, they aren't able to keep up with the costs anymore or something, and they are giving some of their challenges away to other websites, and the remaining challenges are being dismantled.


    Time to find a new hacking site. I'll post what I find here.

  4. Hmm, I know a lot of Jews too, most of them are about my age (16-17) and are very nice people.


    Why is this thread "demeaning"....again, he just wants to know all the Jewish people you know, and how they were like. What's wrong with that? Maybe he'd like to see if Jews really fit in with the general belief of being super rich war mongering mega geniuses who want to rule the world and cheat god.


    That's what most people who don't know (but strongly believe they do know jews) Jews describe them as.

  5. Wow, mooey. You've got me confused. I couldn't figure out a thing by reading your posts. Can you perhaps tell me in point form what the entire point of all those long sentences and posts were?


    By the way, I do see a point to this thread. It helps us compare our own experiences with the ones we most often hear (the bad ones) through the media. It helps us to really see reality.


    I think what Rebiu really meant here was not "Middle Eastern" but "Muslim". This confusion between the terms is in fact quite understandable, as it is what we see on the media in general: terrorists = muslims = middle easterners.


    Oh, another thing, I live in an area quite close to a Jewish neigbourhood, so I know a lot of Jews and I am glad to say am friends with many of them. However, I do notice that about half of them who have visited Israel will tell me about some person or family they knew was affected by a terrorist attack...it's made me wonder if they are telling the truth or just grabbing for some attention. Are they telling the truth? If so, heck, there's a lot of innocent Israelis dying every year, and I totally understand the situation Israel is in. Do any of you know any official numbers about the number of innocent Israelis killed every year?

  6. Are there any freeware programs that can completely block my computer from accessing the internet in any way or form at certain times specified by me? Also, I have a DI-604 Dlink router, is there any way I can configure it to block any internet access at certain times?


    If there are no good freeware programs that can do it, are there any commercial products that can accomplish the task?


    Thanks for your help.

  7. I am doing research on the Kuru disease now, which I learn is caused by a prion, and infectious protein.


    Now what I'd like to know is that what exactly does the prion do that causes the different brain problems? One thing I read on Wikipedia under the Prion article is that the PrP^Sc protein which is somewhat similar to the HuPrP^Sc (kuru prion protein) contains a lot more of a amino acid structure called "beta sheet". This beta sheet causes amyloid aggregation.


    Now what exactly is amyloid aggregation? The article for amyloids in Wikipedia didn't tell me much apart from the fact that it's plays a role in certain brain diseases, and that it's thin, fibrous and made up of proteins. That's how I understood the first sentence (which is really the important sentence). Would I be correct?


    So the HuPrP^Sc protein forms these long fibrils because of these beta sheets, and that causes many problems in the brain. I understood this bit from this site: http://www.ibridgenetwork.org/technology.asp?sID=01E525E2E6BC4B6EA4F69D25DBE7AF5F&page=1361. This is the paragraph that is important:


    "Conformational diseases," share a common etiology whereby proteins fold irregularly to produce structural flaws. These flaws result in the proteins unnaturally aggregating and thereafter precipitating as fibrils from their solvents. Such solvents include blood, urine, water, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, and other physiological fluids. Diseases such as sickle cell anemia, amyloid light chain disease, senile systemic amyloidosis, Alzheimer's, and prion encephalopathies including kuru and "mad cow" disease or BSE, are the result of protein conformation anomalies.


    So why are these fibrils dangerous? What problems do they cause? I can't seem to find that information on Google, because it's buried under loads of scientific jargon that complicates it a lot, and leads to me to research a lot of other different things. I tried doing spending quite a bit of time on it (some 4-5 hours) but I didn't come up with anything worthwhile on the issue. I did a search on Wikipedia (thank god for wikipedia) and got that the fibrils cause problems in blood vessels, which can increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke. But is Alzheimer's even a prion disease? Would the same thing occur in Kuru? I have not read of any hemorrhagic strokes under the symptoms for Kuru. So how would these prions affect a person's brain exactly in Kuru? What do they do to the nerve cells?


    I'd really appreciate help in this matter from someone who is well versed in the subject.

  8. You really never find a happy ever after disney fairy tale dream girl. Not in the real world. You can find people you really like' date=' that share interests, yada yada, but most girlfriends are not going to meat any dream girl standards, **** 'em, find somebody else, have fun. Eventually you might find somebody you want to marry.


    Jeff Foxworthy has a joke, guys never want to get married. "I was just trying to get laid and next thing I know I wake up with three kids and minivan! How the heck did this happen!"


    You cant meat every single girl with the attitude that she's something special. When you think of reaons that she's perfect you end up getting emotionally caught up. She has you by the balls and knows it. The girl you're fussing about probably isn't much better than any other girl you're going to find.[/quote']


    You are so wrong.


    That's some of the shallowest crap I have ever heard in my life.


    Wow...I can honestly not believe you can actually think like that....


    "Find 'em, **** 'em, have fun..."? Another Hollywood brainwashed loser.

  9. I have a question' date=' herme. Don't take it seriously, though. I'm curious, does she seriously think you're not a guy? Or are you acting sort of gayish around her? :D


    If she forgets you're being a guy, then that must be a sign that she is your friend, and that she thinks your different from all the other guys out there. My guy friend thinks I'm a lesbian...but he's not the guy who I'm planning to send the letter to, he's my new friend, I met him when I was still a freshman, but we were never friends then, until sophomore year began. He thought I was a lesbian...and he told me that weeks after graduation...myabe because sabbath and I are different from all the other girls out there. We're sort of boyish...but we don't dress like guys, we just act boyish, play pc games, don't dance or sing, doesn't care about our appearance-we have the messiest hair...so anyway...that's that. I think she considers you a friend...I mean the way she can talk to you about her love life...not all girls talk about their love life to just anyone, especially a guy...and since she told you that...then you really are her friend...or so I think. I don't know, it's hard to say.


    I do hope your letter turns out okay. And I do hope she'll like it and reply to you. My warmest good luck! ;)[/quote']




    My 'friend' also confided her deepest, darkest secrets in me, and then fell into a vegetative state when I told her that I liked her.


    And Hermes, don't believe in luck. Do believe in pure logic.

  10. Well' date=' I'm not sure how short a synopsis of this thread can be. I guess a lot of things that were said in this thread aren't worth repeating, so that will save some time.


    I've been talking about this girl that I used to go to school with. She was the only friend I ever had, and she was also the nicest and most beautiful girl I ever saw. After a few years, I finally wrote her a note that said I liked her. She already had a boyfriend, but she invited me to sit with her at lunch. We became good friends, and when she broke up with her boyfriend I sent her an e-mail asking if she wanted to go on a date with me. She e-mailed me back and said no. She also told me not to ask her again. The next day at school, she didn't even mention the e-mail and she didn't seem mad at me. I've asked her about it a few times, but she always changes the subject. I really wanted to know why she didn't want to go on a date with me, but she never would tell me.


    Anyway, we were still good friends. Now, school is over and I just mailed her a letter because I don't want to lose her as a friend.[/quote']


    Ahh...I get it.


    Well, to answer your other question, I frankly have no clue why girls get creeped out by it, but they do. I guess you need to ask a girl to actually find out why they get creeped out. You must have read my thread right, and you know what happened.


    Also, if a girl says not to bug her about a thing, THEN DON'T. TRUST ME. I HAVE HAD FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE.


    You are also lucky that you have a friend who did not get shocked and go into a coma like state, but instead still kept you as a friend. Don't loose such a friend, and be the best friend that you can be, but DON'T BRING UP THE SUBJECT.


    Perhaps eventually, maybe even after a couple of years...she'll like you...I dunno...


    Hmm...your situation is so much like mine in so many ways. I had friends, but they were really...superficial friends, and I really didn't consider them to be my friends. Sure, we had fun a few times together, but we weren't like good friends, that helped each other out and crap. The girl that I eventually came to like so much was not superficial, and actually did value me as a friend...or so I thought.


    Umm...how long have you known this girl...and how good of a friend is she, and how understanding is she? Based on that I guess you could decide on telling her the whole and entire truth...about you feeling really alone and not wanting to lose her as a friend. Hopefully she still doesnt go into shock and a coma after hearing that.


    Life sucks...probably because I suck.

  11. ok another strange think happened to me today. you may have read my other post about reverse visions..


    Today' date=' i was really tired, so i had a sleep. This was about 5pm. When i was in the bathroom and got undressed, i noticed several scratch/blood marks on my stomach. The are deep cuts not done by finger nails. One was in the shape of a coss. how did this happen? does ir mean something?[/quote']


    I think it means...



  12. Trust me herme3, they are right.


    Girls get very creeped out when you send them a letter.


    I frankly have no clue how you'd go about telling a girl something without her getting very creeped out and wierded out.


    Possibly because I am a very creepy guy in reality.


    But anyways, I am not going to bother reading through the entire however many posts there are in this thread, so do you mind giving me a short synopsis of the events?

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