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  1. true, but setting an example for what will happen to the tends to stop it becoming a trend
  2. well ive actualy tought the class before, got me labled as a nerd, but i can live with that, when asked what they were doing about golbal warming they said ask me. i have had a problem before, some idot came up behind me and grabbed me by the ears. i hit him one the forehead without turning around. he rugby takles me onto the desk. at this point i knee him between the legs. next thing i know im talking to the principle, being told how pysical violnce is not acepted. lukly for me the rest of the class made a point of telling him what had happend. the morales of this story are clear - dont just lie down and take it, people will side with you if you do something they werent expecting, and quite possibly learn a matal art. when people are coppying your awnsers they tend to want you to be there tomorrow P.S never had a problem since, cant think why maybe soemthing bill gates said has meaning here - "be nice to nerds, own day they will won your house"
  3. I have a theroy people with high IQ thend to deja vu more, so if you do deja vu alot whats your IQ and how often do you deja vu?
  4. britwithtea

    deja vu

    i get redicoulos broken images- but about 3months down the line its fit in somewhere - something tiny and iterlivant. im still waiting for the lottery numbers
  5. what about foucsed em feilds for anit infantry? - sitimulating the pain receptors, no bullet, no bang, no flash.
  6. correct me if im wrong, but the nervous system uses electrisity to transmit data. your body aslo contains iron - would it not be possible with a strong enough EM feild to simulate the entire nervous system - similar to a taser.
  7. sudden burst, but to move back in time you either need to know the exact position of all particales and the forces acting on them at that moment and replicate it, or the universe needs a memory - aka its alive.
  8. itd try to stop in the dead center, but id never come to a complete stop (never being as long as your alive in this case)
  9. cant rember wich it is, but its the one abit above potasim on the perodic table, uinfortunatley as its entirley sythetic and has a half life of about 30 seconds it hasnt been dipped in water, but if you did itd beprety violent
  10. there aught to be a thread for this topic, so here it is. this is my pepetual motion machine. its in space, its a dounut shapped magnet. in the center is anohter magnet, same polarity. the dougnut magnet is place slightly offcenter on the horizotal plain, it is released. it should eventualy reach a equalibrim, but in zeroG and a vacum it could be some time, besides, tecnicaly in a true vacum that is near pepetual. im sure you guys can do better though. but dose anyone know what the current prize for a pepetual motion device is?
  11. without a sun itd be near impossible to survive, no sun, no real graity, ozone muked up, no water (blackhole sucked that up) its near impossible.
  12. yes a black hole is a superweapon, but so is a nuke, but people still fiddle with them, and a black hole in itself isnt dangerous, its its gravity, wich is created by its mass, and a mass of 2 atoms isnt going to be pulling in anything soon.... but if you cant sleep with the idea of blackholes being made now you know, how could you sleep before? ignorance is not a excuse
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