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  1. The subconscious is a gateway to another demention

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      Sad comment


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      I mean let's assume that there are multiple dimensions for each respective consequence for consciousness. You would have your dementia dimension in one category, you would have individuals with higher and lower intellects in another category, and you would have emotions in another category. It is almost as if each dimensional category would create a "dimensional brain" where each category of the mind is inside of its own dimension. So that means that you are creating a brain from a mind from a brain. 

  2. I have a high forehead, does that make me smarter than you?

  3. Unified Equation Complete based on Angular Momentum

  4. ∞ ᶴ rdt=iw+∑ 6.693x10-11

  5. ∞ ᶴ rdt=iw+∑ 6.693x10-11

  6. Calculating a Unifying Equation

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