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  1. Certain types of jealousy may be neurological. Here's my take on jealousy. A rather primitive tyoe of jealousy can arise between the sexes. For instance, men are biologically wired to maximize his genetic legacy, by not only acquiring females with whom to mate, but also by competing against other males. A man who witnesses his wife in the arms of another man will experience a surge of testosterone and adrenaline which will help to reestablish his dominance, by force if necessary. The reaction is adaptive and will probably help him win out by increasing his aggression level. This physical arousal can be interpreted by the brain as jealousy. The testosterone-jealousy connection may explain why steroid users can display "roid-rage" one symptom being paranoid jealousy. Women feel jealous too, and by similar reasoning. If a man strays from one women for another, the former will feel aggression at the prospect of her mate not being there to protect and support her and her offspring. The aggression will help to chase away "that hoochie." This is just the simple biological aspect of one type of jealousy. Other types have social and psychological contexts which vary from person to person.
  2. Check around your night stand; maybe you knocked them off while fumbling for the snooze button.
  3. I would think that sunglasses imbue the wearer with an air of mystery, rather than aggression, probably because the eyes are often used to read and gauge others. However, I can understand how mystery can translate into aggression, for humans tend to rather easily register an unknown as a threat. Also, could it have to do with the mere shielding of the eyes? I noticed that men who wear caps really low on their brows to the point that I cannot see their eyes also radiate a subtle intensity, similar to those wearing sunglasses. I don't know; maybe that's just me.
  4. Too much Star Trek? Or more likely, many theists believe that even extraterrestrial life was created, just as humans, "in god's own image," which would appeal to the notion of universality of their god.
  5. Gender: female Hair: waist length, black Skin tone: light olive Glasses: none Facial hair: none...except for my perfectly groomed eyebrows deTroller: ideally a cx4 Storm (drool), but if that's too complicated I can be lethal with a spork.
  6. What almost always works for me is this: take a deep a breath as you can, look at the clock, and SLOWLY exhale, taking a full 30 seconds to empty the lungs entirely. I used to get hiccups for days at a time, and this has kept me from going insane. Or try this: place knife handle down into a glass of water and drink while balancing the blade on your temple.
  7. I fail to see the logic of analogy between increasing intelligence and crashing one's car.
  8. I agree with you, except to add that I don't think it is as much as an urge, but a compulsion. Our brains are wired to use the concrete to understand the abstract, as one can argue that purely abstract thinking is next to impossible.
  9. Disregarding the whole minus apples and deficits and owing this or that, just imagine kinematics. Okay, please bear with me, as this requires visualization. If I were to mathematically describe my daily trip around town starting from the moment I were awake, my bedroom would be designated as the origin, or zero (and for simplicity's sake, let's keep this exercise 2D). To get to school, if I start walking to my car by facing east, I would count 1..2..3...meters. If I had decided to take the bus instead, I would walk to the stop by facing west, but would I count 1...2...3...meters again? Well, I could, but more accurate information would be given if I counted -1..-2...-3. Why? Because algebra tells us that now I am heading in the opposite direction of the car. Negative numbers tell us not only magnitude, but direction (confined to a single coordinate of course). As we can agree, this is all arbitrary, and I can set the origin of zero at the nearby Starbucks, the White House, or Stone Henge. Then my trip would start not at zero, but at the distances from these places. This becomes moot however, when I would travel beyond and past any of these markers. Here is my point: you need negative numbers to describe space. Forget the fact that negatives can be used to denote debt. Simply, positives indicate that the numbers point this-a-way, and the negatives indicate that the numbers point that-a-way. The reason we associate negatives with deficit is because we have long since set "having nothing" to zero, the origin.
  10. Another major reason besides environmental protection and aesthetics: germs. If people discarded their clothing, every park bench, subway seat, church pew, etc...would become contaminated. There would be dangerously prevalent inter-genital contact, however indirectly. And from the undergarment fashions of our day (eg, thong, g-string) and the astrocious hygiene of some people, mere underwear would not be sufficient, IMO. Same goes for shoes. There's a lot of diseases you can catch by walking barefoot on the same floor (eg, athletes's foot, nail fungus), that's why restaurants necessitate them, and it would do one well to wear sandals in the gym shower. The germ factor is rather metropolitan one, and it wouldn't necessarily apply to the tribal or nomadic peoples. Thus, these peoples do not require clothing and shoes, but still focus on the aesthetic aspects of covering their bodies by using paint, jewelry, and other markers to denote their status and individuality.
  11. blepped out word=expletive secretive
  12. Much of your digestive tract is muscle. Perhaps atrophy is a concern. Also, it takes energy to digest food. One can be malnourished to the point where the energy required to process the food would result in exhaustion, especially when the body already has so little for fuel.
  13. Happy (slightly belated) birthday, everyone! I just finished my finals for the semester and I'm enjoying a cold one. Cheers. And Phi is still a spring chicken in my book.
  14. I pretty much got to where everyone else seems to be...Good to see that I'm not the only one stuck on this. Strangely, our dear riddler hasn't been back for over a week. I was hoping he could give some light clues or at least some feedback.
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