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  1. I dont think they put them in ovens alive tho.
  2. liquid sodium will react with air
  3. Actually the fumes do smell but not as much as a halogen for instance.
  4. Actually i believe they usually stripped the jews then took all their valuable stuff then put them in the chamber naked, that way they were like "oooh a shower". Thats how they did it in a documentary i saw.
  5. speaking of magnets, I have never really known why they are magnetic. Whats the the reason?
  6. akcapr

    Acid and Paper

    maybe the paper was like soaked in different indicators then dried.
  7. akcapr

    Acid and Paper

    pretty sure not all acids due that, specify what acids did that for you.
  8. Im not sure if bucky balls are considered organic (theyre all carbon) but the have no hydrogens attached. That may an exception to the H in every organic rule.
  9. umm generally you wouldnt see a reaction... when you add hcl to rust nothing happens, at least visibly
  10. well the agar i have used is liquid, which you pour into dishes and then let cool then smear your sample on it.
  11. there are different types of agar some are based on beef.
  12. ANother good ignitor are christmas tree bulbs. THey will go off on like a AA battery. What you do is you break off the tip of the christmas bulb (heat the tip in flame then dip in water and it will come off easily) then into there u pour some blackpowder or what have you and then just connect it to your battery. works like a charm.
  13. Im almost 100% sure that there is no such liquid. Not only is it hard for something to meet all of these requirements but the fact that "you should be able to drink gallons of the stuff with no dire effects" is virtually impossible. If you drink gallons of something that is a necesity such as water you even that can have dire effects!
  14. akcapr


    Theres no other way electricity can catalyze something other than providing energy. Normally catalysts lower the activation enrgy for a reaction to occur. Electricity is basically energy so its not like platinum or something. The only other thing it can do is provide electrons which would be just takin part in a reaction.
  15. "Can i add solvent red 24 to give it red smoke or will it kill the color?" Is it me or is he trying to make something that makes colored smoke?
  16. akcapr


    well electricity isnt exactly a catalyst but the exact defenition but i can see why you would call it that. It maybe helpin to break the bonds and excite the atoms, which is basically providing energy.
  17. That dint really answer my question but i see what you mean.
  18. Its kind of hard to understand your question. What demensions do you mean by higher demensions than 3d?
  19. akcapr


    Did you take the money? you better have
  20. Bacteria are amazingly easy to grow.
  21. The book is too big too send over e-mail the limit is 10 megs the book is 20 somehting. I can send it over AIM if someone has it.
  22. so i can make chloramine if i mix urea with bleach?
  23. and just out of curiousity, was there something perticular you were looking to synthesize?
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