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  1. I believe the skin colour solution was of Divine origin. God did not want crossbreed humans to look like zebras. Thar would have been bad for the individuals in question. But more than that, it would have fuelled racism all over the globe, with humans of diff races not being capable of having normal children togeter. Oooh, this topic is so locked now I mentioned God. It's like a red cloth to some so called open minded people here...
  2. Scientists, especially physists tend to think themselves open minded. Up until the moment you ask them about God, or UFO:s. At which point they become all closed and scary eyed and so on. I think this is because scientist in general do not want to think that there could be, in the universe, anything smarter than they themselves are! Which is not very open minded. Or clever.
  3. I'm not that big fan of Lotr trilogy either. I mean it starts very well, with four noncombatants having an adventure in local woods and willages. The action is kept small scale, which makes it more believeable and enjoyable. But then the plot thickens. Fates of nations and the destinies of kings come into play, and the heroes have to save the world. Darn! It's always so annoying when this happens in fantasy books, because things get too large and the reader has to be kept appraised of everything that happens in the whole nation. Which means lot of the text just recounts large scale battles and the meetings of high politicians, instead of telling what the down to earth heroes are doing. But still, Tolkien can be forgiven this. He is one of the first fantasy writers, so could not know about the risks involved when juggling with fates of nations. Also, Tolkien does rather good. He is able, most of the time, to keep it real, and he does, with the hobbits, manage to keep most of the adventure small scale and interesting. And he also tries not to make big deal of big battles. Rather, many a battle is just recounted by couple of sentences and then forgotten. Many other writers would not have done so, but would have rather written 200 boring pages about the battles in question! Bad case of the Fates of Nations syndrome can be seen in Robert Jordan and his dreadful Wheel of Time series. In that series, the things get so large scale that the poor author has to spend whole books in telling about the military happenings and political shehanigans of various distant lands, instead of recounting thrilling adventures. Poor Jordan. His first book of the series was quite good, but then he lost the grip and decided to give big destinies for his heroes. But back to the Potter! Do you know that in the future the Ministry of magic is corrupted again, and weasleys thrown out? Well, it is! To combat the corruption, the Weasley family forms a secret society called Really Irish, and try to blow up the ministry with fireworks! Times of terror follow!
  4. The Theory behind Crucifiction During Easter, many people, both religious and atheist, pondered why Jesus had to be crucified. Here is the answer, without any mystical mumbo jumbo, which you would get if you asked a common preacher. It is the Theory of Crucifiction and it goes thusly: 1.The Ten Commandments are a fundamental natura law. Just like gravity, the Divine Laws work wether you believe in them or not. They are, in fact, just like the law of Karma. You reap what you sow. 2.The punisment for breaking Ten Commandments is death. Not immediate death, though. Rather, it just means that if you die a 'sinner' you really die, that is, you stop existing completely. 3.If you manage to live by the Ten Commandments, you get to heaven. When you die, your brain states are copied to an angelic, undying body. So, even though your body dies, you, as a person, will live forever in your new angelic body. All this is in the Bible, I kid you not. 4.Unfortunately, not many people managed NOT to break the Divine Law. Even though the ten laws are quite easy. Consequently, Heaven was very quiet place, having only Lao Tzu and some buddhist monks in it! So, in effort to do something about it, God sends upon earth His son, Jesus. 5.Mission of Jesus: He has to live a live of a pure saint, and take upon himself all the sins of humans, past, present and future. And then he will be punished for our sins as if they were his own. 6.Jesus is beaten up, flogged, kicked and beaten up some more. He is then put to the most painful death of that time. He is nailed to a cross and left there till he is well and truly dead. This ordeal he had to go through because a) only thusly could he make up for all the sins of all humankind and b) the death had to be very clear, visible and symbolic so that even stupid people could get the point. 7.Mission accomplished. Jesus took our sins as his own and he has died for our sins. We, if we choose to do so, can now be free of our sins and can get to heaven and eternal life. How? Simply believing in Jesus and the power of His crucifiction. Now, if we own up our sins so Jesus, he takes them unto himself! 8.God inspects the life of Jesus. He finds he has done no sins, and so God resurrects Jesus and gives him eternal life, just like He would give to any other non sinner. This may seem to us the least important part, but note this: If Jesus had done a single sin himself when he was among us, he would have died, really died as a result. So God took a really big risk: His only son Jesus really could have died completely when he was fulfilling his mission. His only son. Yet God took the risk, and so did Jesus. Just imagine how much they must love us to have done so! So there it is. That is why Jesus went to the cross. It was the sole point of his life upon earth. Sorted! But why oh why did not Jesus appear earlier??? Why three thousand years of people dying because they could not foolow the ten commandments??? Simple... It was the ultimate Bad Cop, Good Cop routine! By being unforgiving, God has made us run to Jesus, who is the forgiving one, but only if we own up our sins!!!
  5. In the bible, the universe is created in six days. (in the seventh day God resteth...) Now, many say this cannot be so. I say, why not? It is possible, but only if we see the world as a computer generated simulation. Take a computer game, say, Oblivion. When you are in the gameworld, it seems like the place is thousands of years old, with ancient ruins, huge teeming cities and so forth. But it is not. It was created by your computer in couple of minutes (the start up time during which the world of oblivion was generated inside your computers memory) The same could be the case with our universe. It could well be a simulation inside a complex AI machine brain the size of a planet. Thusly the six days of creation could easily be seen as the time this huge computer spend in booting up and generating the universe, including the generation on a billion year history complete with fossils and whatnots. The simulation was started from base matter, which was set to motion with base laws. Time was then rushed fast forward. Generations of single cell organisms rise and fell in seconds. Dinosaurs came and went in mere hours. Till at day six AI detected awareness in the program. At which point the computer slowed time down and called up God. Brillliant, said God. This worked better than expected. Genuine emergent awareness intelligence inside AI! One for the books, no doubt about it! And then God descendeth upon his universe and started fiddling with the intelligent life forms he found therein. With us humans he took away our fur, and gave us better posture by some simple DNA mutating sub program. Then he got bored and left us in the hands of his son, Jesus. Who seems to be a nice chap, if a bit of a hippie, so no worries! Note: Of course, before God could boot up the universe, he had to write the code and build the computer. This of course took several decades. And I suppose there were several test runs before He came up with this universe we are living in!
  6. The way I see it, without Hermione to help them, both Ron and Harry would have failed every single exam and school project they had to tackle. Had it not been for Hermione, the two numbsculls would have been kicked out the school in their second year, latest. Countless are the occasions where hermione pestered the boys till they agreed to actually read for their exams. And the occasions where Hermiones whispered advice, during class, saved both boys from failing to make their potions and whatnots. Now, analyze this: Other students did not have The top student, The know it all Hermione to help them. And other students, even Longbottom, managed still to get through their exams. This means that all the other students were both brighter and more talented than Ron or Harry ever hoped to be in their wildest dreams. And chasing Voldemort? Please! Will you NOT say that name! -ed Sorry. But really: Imagine Harry and Ron chasing Vo.. chasing you-know-who around without Hermiones help. The kids would have been left clueless! They would not have gotten past the first riddle, with Ron shouting 'Harry, heeeeelp!' and Harry wondering 'where's me broomstick then', all the time! It would have been quite a short series, albeit a humorous one! BTW: some people erroneously think Harry as the ultimate nerd. This is very silly. Nerds like to read tough books, they are fast thinkers, and are able to grasp new things quickly. All Harry liked to read was his quiddich guide, only thing fast on him was his temper, and the only thing he could readily grasp was his broomstick, The Ultimate Phallos 2000. I wonder what will come of our Harry now that he has lost the magical powers bestowed unto him by the unwitting Vol... you-know-who..? I would bet that mostly it includes having children. With Ginny being irish, any preventives will be banned from the house, and so, twenty years from now, Harry will be a happy father of no less than dozen children, all quite as barmy as their daddy-o. Ron and Hermione? Well, thats easy! Ron will be a succesfull Quiddich star for all of five minutes. He will then have an injury that will never quite heal (or so he claims). So he will potter about the Potter recidence all day, talking about the good ole days with Potter, while they look after the Potter kids (Gin's working, see. Well, someone has to!). And hermione? She will be the most famous research magician ever. She''l travel all over the globe, picking up forgotten spells from old witches. And on her travels she will meet with Viktor Klum again and they will fall in love. Again. Aaaah, aint that sweet??? Hmmm. I could write a book about all this! And post it at Potter fan forums!
  7. About harrys talents: If you read the books, you will see that harry was mediocre in most subjects,and in potions, clairvoyancy (both very magical subjects!) and history of magick he almost failed every year! So he was a really crap at his studies. Only thing he was good at was offensive magick, and that only because he got some powers from voldemort Do not say that name!!! -ed Sorry. Anyway, harry was crap at his studies, and had no real talent or grasp of magic whatsoever. Zip. Zero. Nada. Oh, he was good at sports. Whee, that makes him the same as all the bullies I used to have to deal with at school.
  8. Just a thought: Imagine time as an unending spiral staircase, with the steps representing the smallest of time possible. As we move along the staircase, we can see only little ahead and behind us in time. But there is something there that exist in every time, both in past and in future. That is the central column that supports the staircase of time. So, if we imagine God as being the supporting pillar in the staircase of time, then God can be in both future and past at the same time! Sorted! I had this idea as I was climbing a spiral staircase, trying to keep up with Francis Crick!
  9. I do not see one gene could set the tone, as here are a lot of different skin tones seen in mixed marriages. One kid might be very dark, one very light, one totally white and so on. This is really weird and not seen in animals. Note that in pigs, dogs, and cows we see the same spottyness when the parents are of different colour. This should happen with humans also. Also, I should think different races have a slightly different genes for skin colour, and therefore they could not just mix, so that dark+white gene would produce light brown as it would in a colour palette. But seeminly they do, in real life. I find this deeply miraculous as it does not happen with other animals, just us humans...
  10. I thought it was very clever from the author to make Harry Potter a Celebrity from the word go. I mean in the book. Think how it saved troube: Everybody knows harry already, so Author does not need to write introduction scenes every time Harry meets somebody. So, whenever in the books harry meets somebody, they go like, Hey, it's harry potter! I know all about you, harry, so no need to introduce yourself! Very funny, really, if a bit cheap.
  11. I have this problem: When two people of differing skin colour have offspring, the kids will have uniform skin colour and also their hair is of uniform consistency. The kids might be light skinned or dark skinned, robust haired or flaxen haired. This does not matter. What matter is that their skin is uniformly coloured all over, and so is their hair uniformly curly/flaxen all over. Now, consider horses of different colours. If they mate, the resulting offspring will have spotty skin. they have a base colour, and over it, huge splots of different colour. So in them, their colour will come from both parents. So why does this not happen with humans? When, say, senegalian female marries a norweigean bloke, why does not their children have spotty skins? Why are they not white with huge black splashes all over the place. Also, why the kids would have uniform hair? Why not white hair with patches of dark hair thrown into the mix??? This is quite puzzling to me, especially as evolution would not have time to delete spotty skins, as marriages of different races have been very uncommon all along human history. Is there some explanation to this, ie why have not mixed race humans splochy skins, like other animals tend to have if their parents are of different colours???
  12. Gravity slows down time In Black hole, there is a lot of gravity. Thusly, inside the event horizon, time has flowed at much slower rate than outside of it, from the moment of the forming of the said hole. Thusly, is it not possible that 'in' the black hole, it is year 1600 ad or something, earth time, if the black hole had formed in, say 1500 ad So, if we popped in the black hole mentioned above, surely we would be back in year 1600..? And so, when we popped back out, we would then be in the past. So, is this possible? Using black holes to travel back in time? Or have I just misunderstood time and the way it bends in black holes?
  13. WEll, Harry Potter series, to me, is rather mediocre literature, especially compared to tolkien. What I think made the HP so popular with people is the fact that all main protagonists are much liked and sought after by the opposite sex. harry from the start, hermione a bit later, and even poor ole ron gets some action in the sixth book. Great stratagem by the author. I mean would we like harry as much had he not got pretty much every girl attracted to him in the school, despite having specs, a hideous scar and mediocre magic talents?
  14. Hi Tsuyoiko! Russian literature rocks. Brothers Karamazov, anything from gogol, and then the soltsenitzin chap who wrote about the prison camps of the intellects are my favourites. Say what you like about communism, it did produce some top literature. Mind you, I suppose many of the greatest writers lived before the communists came to power... Of the greats, I detest Tolstoy. He writes like a woman in love. But that's just me. What book and writers do you find the best???
  15. What I have thought is how to calculate the horoscope of a baby born in space. I mean horoscopes are earth centered, and could not possibly work on, say mars. Of course, this is not a surpsrise, as they are complete poppycock anyway and so do not work even upon Gods own earth!
  16. thanks for that answer! But i say, the road the migrating poles travel will have more radiation from the sun, will they not? I mean poles do suck in the radiation more than any other part of the mag fields..?
  17. Okay I do not see any answers to my questions here... So is the roundness of a moon still a mystery or something???
  18. Hello all! I'm Inquisitor, middle aged bachelor from Northern Europe. Although low on education, I have read every hard science book I have gotten my greasy hands on. And every other book as well. I'm also a christian, and believe in Christ, God and the Holy Spirit. I also believe in prayer, which will make you smirk. Still, I'm no fundamentalist. I do not take Bible to be literally true or even very reliable, as it was written by diverse people, although I do think most of the Bible was compiled with Divine Guidance. Anyways, I like sciences. There is nothing in them that is against God. After all, if God createth the universe, surely by studying the said universe we can better understand both God and the mysterious ways He moveth. Oh, and I do believe in evolution, which makes me big heretic and an atheist in the eyes of my peers. To me, it is silly to think God would create every single bug, plant and animal species when he could just put evolution into motion and let the creation happen by itself! Plus, evolution, from the point of God, has the big advantage that one can never know what sort of life it creates. Take dinosaurs: God must have been agog! And seemingly He liked the dinosaus a lot, as they lived so long, uncontested, upon earth. I sometimes wonder wether God likes us more than He did the dinos. After all, the dinos never polluted the seas, never ripped mountains open to get to some coal deposits, never poisoned the air, and never tried to kill each other in highly organized manner. Maybe one day He decides that enough is enough, and sends a nice big meteor our way. Still, no worries, eh? We can always send Bruce Willis on a daring mission to stop any evil meteorites, and Pierce Brosnan to plug any rudely gigantic supervolcanoes from exterminating us.
  19. Hi again! Thank you for clearing time for me! (what a clever pun of words, we are all agog -ed) BTW just realized the question was moot. You see, God, according to Bible, created earth in six days, so CLEARLY He is a creature of time. Well, inside christian theology, anyway. Why the geezer thought God exists outside time is a question I had better put to the said preacher the next time I see him! He clearly is a Heretic! Well, here comes the Inquisitor!
  20. What would happen if the magnetic field of Earth was shut down for a second??? As I understand it, the magnetic field protects us from most of solar radiation. So, would this radiation have time enought to hit Earth in full force, if Earth's magnetic field did turn off for just a second? And if it did, how much damage would the solar radiation do to living beings and electronic equipments??? Would it burn everything??? Would it be the end of the world for us humans??? The reason for this question is the upcoming swap of the magnetic poles. I'm rather worried that during the incident, the magnetic field might go off for a while. Is this probable?? Mind you, if this were probable, I suppose the science community would not tell it to the man on the street, so as not to cause mass panic...
  21. Why is earth still so hot? According to scientists, Earth is about 4000 million years old ball. If this is true, and I'm sure it is, then WHY is the Earth still so hot??? I mean Earth only has a very thin crust of cooled down matter, and below this, there is molten magma that is really, really hot. Why is the crust not thicker? Why has the earth not cooled down completely, to a ball of solid rock??? What has kept the Earth's innards so hot all these millions of years??? Why has not the very cold ice ages quickened the cooling down process??? Is it the warming presence of the sun or something??? Please help! I'm deeply puzzled!
  22. Why is our moon so perfectly round and spinless? I mean should it not be a bit irregural shaped, like most moons in our solar system? Especially if it was formed from a chunk of earth off Earth? So why is it a near perfect sphere? Also, why does the Moon not have spin at all??? The very same side faces eath all the time! Why is this??? How is this even possible??? I mean take a basketball and hang it from the ceiling. Then shoot at it with a bb gun, you know, the one that fires light plastic bullets. The basketball will start to spin, even though the projectiles are very light, and the ball very heavy. Now why has this not happened with Moon? It has been hit with major amount of very large meteorites. Surely all these hits would have caused the Moon to start spinning even a little??? This is very mysterious to me. Can somebody explain all this, and make it a bit less mysterious??? And suspicious too. Especially the fact, that from human point of wiev, the moon is exactly the size of the sun, so that during the eclipse, it covers the sun perfectly... Hmmmm. I bet the moon is artificial, full of monitoring equipment and powerfull relay thingummies. Put there by some higher authority to monitor us and to help us evolve. Kinda like in the space odyssey movies.
  23. Okay... I would like to ask here, is is proven that time is the fourth dimension? Can it be proven? Does time exist at all? Is everything really tied to time? I mean take gravity, which scientists say bends time. If gravity is particles, then these particles would exist beoynd time, as gravitation slows time down only if these particles are existing in zero time... Or maybe not. It gets a bit esoteric. Just wanted to understand time better so that I coudl see if something could be that is not tied to time...
  24. Hi! Now, I heard a religious person tell that God exists outside time. Is this possible? I mean can something exist outside time? I'm a christian, and with low education, so I thought I ask peope that should know, ie, you. Just mentioned my christianity, so that you do not think me trying to disprove God or something. No. Just need to know the facts of it, ie can something exist beoynd time. thank you for your comments!
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