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  1. Since this is the speculation section I would like to share my idea/ belief of all of existence. I believe that you can go forever in forever out forever up forever down and forever in every direction of existence. I think each of these levels have infinite levels in themselves such as spacetime is part of creation and creation is one of the action of God that dispays one specific attribute of God and so on infinitely I think that conscienceness is also a part of creation at the same level as spacetime which consists of universes/each individual sentient being. I am Catholic and believe that everything is a result of God who is an infinitely good powerful knowledgable and existing God. I know this is very speculative and is truly an original idea but that's the point of this section of the forum right?
  2. I would say the purpose of life is to be happy I mean truly happy. I think happiness, holiness, and healthiness are all synonyms and I mean holy in the sense of being a good person that helps others not that you just pray 24/7 of course this all is achieved in different ways for different people but for whatever ever reason we all exist so we might as well leave a legacy not just for ourselves but even to contribute to the legacy of the human race as a whole
  3. Hello all I just joined. I am a 16 year old from Iowa I love farming fishing and hunting. I have always been interested in big picture philosophy. For some reason I could never be interested in the small details until I understand the big picture. I hope some of you can help me develop some of my ideas
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