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    I want to give everyone a different view on what gravity actually is. To understand gravity lets first do this. Lets pretend we are in a single dimension of spacetime and that elementary particles are all we have and the size of our time and space dimension just so happens to be around the size of these elementary particles that traveling in a single direction through this dimension. We have photons protons electrons nuetrons photons don't move at all in this timeline, we know that protons move faster then electrons and electrons move at a different speed then neutrons. So what would you expect to happen in this spacetime? Naturally the faster moving particles would be set from the start on a collision path because they move through spacetime which is the size of the elements so they have no way to escape each other. Now as they the protons electrons and nuetrons fly through this dimension at different speeds the photons just stay still along there path giving them memories. So as all the particles pass the photons it shares it's memory. Now we know gravity warps space what happens when the protons catch up to the neutrons and the electrons in this tiny dimension it slams into them and guess what inflation begins and thus gravity reveals it's true nature. If you shrink space and time down and all we have is a tiny dimension of space and time how would gravity get its start simple by the different speeds these molecules move through space and time that is how inflation started. To space and time by all means we are all still elementary particles traveling in a single direction through space and time. It's only the speed differences between the elements that created gravity and drive inflation.
  2. So it would seem gravity is actually misconceived because gravity is the reason for inflation. Clumping matter causes space to warp but probably not like we always thought about it. Gravity is why a single dimension expanded into our 3 dimensional world.
  3. Here let me put it like this for you, You guys might be confusing what I mean by me perhaps not explaining correctly. We know that space is 3 dimensional right, and in space matter that otherwise travels straight through space and time, when it groups together locks into an orbital momentum, warping space which was originally just as 1 dimensional and directional as time itself. Thinking about it like that instead of thinking of a atom as particles locked into orbit and think of them how they would be without the effect of gravity taking place after they bunched up. Then imagine that light is stationary on this time dimension and and as all these single file molecules fly past on the spacetime you pass the photons and it shares its memory with you. Now that you can visualize that, now just warp space around some matter to create the illusion of our 3 dimensional world and you realize that it's all just one dimension with a single directional flow through space and time. This is very hard to grasp but very easily grasp once you think it through. But what I am getting at is that the 3 dimensions of space are and illusion. It's the only way a photon can be completely standing still in time but yet moving through space at the same time. In reality there is no direction but the single file direction of time, everything else is smoke and mirrors. You can never speed past a photon because a photon is actually completely at rest. We have 2 directions in reality and thus why we all want to take a straight path through space. Matter warps space not time.... Now when you think about the single flow of space and time regardless of how curved it looks to you and you realize that orbits are an illusion created by matter running into itself. Then you start to see how no matter what direction you're moving in space you are also moving forward in time and in reality straight ahead through space as well.
  4. It sounds like you are speaking in circle jerk rather then enlightening me on what it is I have confused. I started the thread and in the title it says "could" and here you are pretending that I am saying this is how it is, I am putting my thoughts out there and if I am incorrect and you have nothing beneficial to add why even post? Could spooky action at a distance be how photons communicate with one another? I mean when we look out into the stars they sure appear to be far away rather then right in my face. So does that mean a photon wave memory follows you from that point in spacetime throughout all of spacetime so that when someone passes through spacetime at point A where you were in the past and see where you are at point B in the present. They can actually see where you are presently rather then see you at the time you passed through. So when we think we are looking out seeing the past we may truly be seeing the present reflected through a photon of the past.
  5. All I am doing is attempting to grasp reality all you are doing is wasting my time.
  6. A photon being a particle and a wave makes a lot more sense when you start to realize that it's how memory is stored by light. If it didn't store memory like it does as you pass through that particular spacetime you wouldn't see what has been there prior. So photons and waves are memory of light. As we pass through spacetime waves converge into photons in order to penetrate our eyes and deliver the memory stored by the wave itself. This is why the wave always collapses when observed. Our brain has the ability to read the memory of a photon wave function and that is exactly why we even have eye sight.
  7. I am not properly wording what I meant, light is massless and restless by that we pretty much mean not actually moving through spacetime right? We turn on lights the light don't run into you you run into the light. We don't look out into space and see light from afar we see the light from afar in our spacetime now as it was when it was emitted. Everything we look out and see with our eyes was actually at one time in the same location of spacetime that we are currently. So yes everything matter moves faster then light because light doesn't truly move. Hope that clears up the misconception of light and speed because light truly has no speed. Relative to light it's us that is moving. Now if I am the one with the misconception can you please explain what I have confused. When we apply thrust and travel into space what we are doing is attempting to hit the breaks and slow down and stop our momentum through spacetime.
  8. The speed of some particles electron 2,200 kilometers 299,792,457.99999999999992 m/s proton 138 km/s up to 14000 km/s for neutrons now throw some of said particles into orbit around each other held together by a strong and weak force with some space in between and suddenly everyone of them molecules are moving through space faster then light. I guess that is what I am trying to make sense of. We tend to think of spacetime fabric as a rubber band stretching what if its not and it's actually growing through processes we just don't fully understand right now. If a photon proton nuetron and electron took off through space in a race the photon would win without question but somehow combing elementary particles changes the equation and now matter is zipping through space faster than the photon.
  9. When I think of nuclear fission and a particle splitting into 2 more or smaller nulcei I image a small amount of the space is lost during the split and we end up with smaller particles. If we take a single particle why does it have no resting mass? I mean space warps around a single particle none the less than it does a atom made up of particles and space right what is the difference? Why does a particle without space locked between them not get pushed through spacetime the same as one that does? Now if it did we wouldn't see galaxies moving away faster then light can travel. Is the strong and weak force spacetime sails?
  10. I would imagine something similar happening with fusion and fission in terms of breaking the bond and allow the space trapped to escape just on a larger scale with black holes. A more complete version of energy release.
  11. In order for one to test the math they first must have a concept to test against. This might give the right eyes the spark and maybe it's just nonsense but none the less it would explain how matter can be propelled at faster then light speed. In order for space to warp around matter it would have to be a substance even if not by our normal logical understanding of substance. I am currently in pursuit of my education but I am not to the point where I can test the math myself, I thought I would share my thoughts incase some mathematician out there may happen upon this and decide to crunch some numbers and see if there is any significance to it.
  12. I have been pondering this for a couple weeks, I want to propose the following and see what others thoughts are, I do not have a mathematical background to do any equations but this is what I think about when I ponder how this crazy universe of ours might actually work. Here is my general thoughts! When I Imagine a black hole crushing matter so dense that even light cannot escape, I think that black holes would also be responsible for the expansion of space and movement of time. If matter is made up of atoms and atoms are made up of mostly space with some particles, compressing matter to the density of a black hole would certainly leave no space between any of the particles and what happens to the space that was normally trapped between the matter that spacetime warps around? What would be the left over product of matter compressed so densely that there isn't any space for any vibrations at all? Dark matter perhaps? If matter is mostly empty space but also warps spacetime then it would seem logical to me. If black holes convert matter to dark matter and in doing so release the space that is normally trapped between the particles of matter wouldn't the space itself be able to escape the black hole by mere fact that it doesn't interact with matter? On a side note if matter is converted to dark matter and we imagine time stops inside a black hole maybe that's because once you release the space between particles it helps with expansion and it also pushes time forward in that sense. I don't have the mathematical education to put that idea into an equation but I wonder what they would look like. Lastly I thought if the above were to be reality wouldn't matter be giving back it's space to spacetime fueling expansion of space and movement of time. Basic particles are restless because they have no mass, by mass we really mean how much space can be trapped between particles because it's the trapped space that moves us through spacetime, as spacetime expands the space between our particles gets pushed like a sail which is how matter can be seen moving apart faster then the speed of light. Dark energy is just the release of space from matter. Quick recap, Matter has space trapped between it, space propels matter through spacetime, Compress matter so dense that there isn't any space between the particles and we get dark matter and expansion in space and movement in time maybe gravity has something to do with drag matter would produce on spacetime as it's being pushed through space and time by the very space held between the particles. Why black holes gravity is so strong that drag is maximum. I try to always keep inside the concept that everything is linked to everything in one way or another anyways I just wanted to put my thoughts out there.
  13. jayb


    What if Venus was in the goldilock zone at one time and gravity has slowly pulled it out of the goldilock zone, What if that is the future of the planet earth, to be slowly tugged on and pulled out of the goldilocks zone of our star, and as earth is pulled out mars is pulled in? Just speculative thinking.
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