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  1. WITNLITS What Is The Next Letter In This Series ?
  2. My working hypothesis was that you were so relaxed before the test that it enhanced your ability to answer the questions. Either that, or you have an IQ in the stratosphere that even under your self imposed handicapping system outshines most of the rest of us. Obviously, as shown by your rigorous scientific experiment, the results show that alcohol and drug intake is beneficial. This might explain why so many university students are perpetually stoned - they're enhancing their studying abilities. Further to this, it just might be time to lobby governments to remove those needless drink-dr
  3. Ha ! I didn't realise the date of the original post. I only joined yesterday and browsed through some of the topics of interest, finding this one. Oh well. For what it's worth, here's my take on medical radiation exposure from a professional's point of view... (I originally posted this over at the Richard Dawkins Foundation website) When considering dosages received from x-rays, CT scans, Nuclear Medicine scans and Mammograms, etc, it's like what Einstein said about Tasmania - everything's relative. Yes, patients receive a radiation dose and yes, radiation is one of the ca
  4. Well, as a Radiographer, this one is right up my alley. However, it's 11pm here and I really should be going to bed. I promise to come back to this and provide an explanation of the medical use of radiation and the associated risk factors. I'd be happy to answer questions as well. Talk to all you soon. Durro
  5. Blazarwolf is very close to the reason, and yes, we call 4th and 5th metacarpal fractures in Radiography "Boxer's Fractures", as well as some less polite names to do with masturbation. The reason for the fracture is that boxers often punch with a hook, as opposed to karate and other martial arts where straight punches are taught. When a hook punch is thrown, the leading edge and point of contact with the punch is the metacarpo-phalangeal joints of the 4th and/or 5th knuckle. If you draw a line along the axis of your 4th/5th metacarpals, the oblique force line terminates at or just pa
  6. Dunno about the cerebral cortex, but I've got a good one for the 12 cranial nerves... Durro
  7. Brain death means that the person cannot function without ventilation and other supportive mechanisms. Withdrawal of support will mean certain death and even with aggressive therapy, the profound brain damage and loss of function may mean that multisystem organ failure will lead to death anyhow. There are a number of tests for brain death that can be performed to ensure that not even the most basic reflex functions are viable. Apart from an EEG that shows no brain function, some of the tests include taking the patient off mechanical ventilation to see if they breath spontaneously at all, s
  8. Hi, I'm new here and just saw this topic. I am a Radiographer who takes X-rays and CT scans for a living, so I might be able to add to this discussion. Cervical spines can and do become unstable from various flexion and extension and/or rotational forces. I've seen this literally thousands of times from car accidents, sporting injuries, diving accidents and othe mechanisms of force. I presume that given enough force, the cervical spine would be susceptible to injury from someone twisting the neck forcefully. The neck is stabilised by a number of ligaments that run between the ve
  9. Ahhhh, denial - it isn't just a river in Egypt. Excessive alcohol intake comes with a number of negative health effects, brain impairment and permanent damage being just one part of the spectrum. Cirrhosis, oesophageal varices, pancreatitis, several types of cancer, obesity, diabetes and the like can be added to the plethora of neurological impairments and psychiatric conditions that are closely associated with alcoholism. To try to justify a large intake of alcohol as anything other than risky behaviour is a dangerous thing, particularly if it's a regular occurence. I hope that you
  10. The letters OTTFFSSE stand for the numerals one to eight. One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight So the next in the series would be N and T (Nine and Ten), etc. Durro Oops, just saw the post above mine and realised the fact that it's been solved. Sorry.
  11. I've got the answer to the "impossible" brain teaser. The solution involved putting a line through one of the circles, and not just touching it. Now, if I can only work out how to attach the image from my computer... Hey, this is only my 2nd post, so be kind. Durro P.S. Hey, you can just attach images here ! Woo-hoo. That makes life easier. Here it is.
  12. Hello, I'm Durro, a 42 year old Radiographer from Brisbane, Australia. I was alerted to this site over at the Richard Dawkins Forum when a fellow RDF member mentioned that one of our more notorious and recently banned members was now trolling over here. I thought that I would take a look and liked what I saw - your forum that is, not the trolling. I thought that I might visit now and then, and perhaps contribute to discussions, particularly in the areas of medicine and general science. Your brain teasers section looks inviting too. A bit about me ? I'm married with two lovely c
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