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  1. by med i assume you mean MD but if you want to do medicinal chemistry for pharmacy school youd better luv it
  2. most people start off hating chemistry. sometimes you just have to take more classes to see that chemistry is so diverse.
  3. hmm yea i get what your saying but it doesnt mention that the surroundings start with the same energy as the system..... i mean what if its an isolated system?
  4. E system = E surroundings. I can't make sense of this, can someone explain this to me? Is this saying that all forms of energy are equivalent?
  5. i cant seem to find the right class for it. does any1 know? (a link would be sufficient)
  6. is it because it has something to do with the nervous system? like it will deplete all the cellular K in heart preventing it from contracting?
  7. PiLoT

    mitosis and meiosis

    give a clue: 2 and 4
  8. PiLoT


    my position is simple: there are too many $%@# who chose "absolutely" and i can't imagine an eternity with them
  9. answers to #2 are scattered in nearly all immunology/ microbiology books. im sure u can find a very detailed answer there.
  10. well except for older cultures ...but o well
  11. the disc proceedure is realtively easy to prepare but sometimes the results might not be consistent. another method by incubate bacteria in broth and find out its % absorbance to construct its growth curve. then you could introduce different antibiotics and notice the effects on bacterial growth
  12. for flu vaccinations, instead of the traditional injection, there is now an live nasal spray called flumist that was introduced last year. its main advantage is the lack of pain, but its not recommended for elderly, young or anyone immunocompromised
  13. from experience the cool starts with washing glassware
  14. also try incubation at 37C. youd be amazed at what a difference that could make the foot environment might be also slightly acidic
  15. the type of agar really depends on your experiment ie what are you trying to test for (eg trying to isolate a specific strain) and what kind of nutrients/environment the microorganism prefers to live in. but if u just want to have somethin to grow on and cheap yea just go make urself some beef broth or buy coagulated blood (they look like sick tofus)
  16. amoxicillin comes in strawberry flavor while augmentin (amox/clav acid) comes in banana/pineapple flavor er pina colada? and yes amox comes in numerous different strengths and forms
  17. i cant find the article anymore but the vaccines for HIV are not too far off (maybe 20-40yrs)...several of the potential drugs / antibody development have shown promising effects and are in early phases (I-II) of testing
  18. c60, i can accept it if we were like deer or bacteria on a petri dish. we would study their growth and study their population overshoots giving little afterthought. mankind strives real hard to reach the apex and the higher it gets the tougher it is to nudge; the harder the problem and the greater the reward of the solution, the harder we strive. Just look at the current depletion of oil supply. there is already an emphasis on alternative resources. for instance (idk too much about physics so dont quote me on this), one of the top programs funded by the DOE is fusion studies --- ie harvest the energy from the abundant hydrogen supply. as little as 1ml of deuterium can replace an entire tank of gasoline. ...and when we finally reach there, it would be another inch closer to apex and even more difficult to move upwards. but we all know human mentality
  19. when i lived in CA this problem was very serious. its sad that people are selfish and look for better employment, in the sense that the better ones are usually the better paid or at the forefront of their field. over here where i live now, there was something called a "robin hood" plan that basically shifted the money from richer districts too poor districts; in my high school alone this caused an annual $20 million shortage and cut back alot of the novel classes. but who can be blamed, its just the general trend that this society is doomed to . let's reward those who have inspired us in science and arts and built our early foundations
  20. GENEPOOL: warning, lifeguard is off duty. aardvark, good pt. i would add that lifestyle is a great impact, and in general good lifestyle (which is a characteristic that comes with developed countries who are able to provide such services) means fewer children and more stable population. in ethical standpt, before the boom in medicine, infant mortality was very high and chances that the child would not survive past the age of 5 were high. thus parents did not become emotionally attached to their children at early ages. its hard to find a pt why disease is good...perhaps from the standpt of population control, selection, or research goal? some of this generation's scientist believe that the current burst in research will drastically change the future lifestyle...and who knows some of it may be in a negative way.
  21. PiLoT

    Deadly Viruses

    viral spread can be very rapid even from third world countries due to improved transportation...remember sars? so even if we dont currently have major outbreaks going on, it won't be too farfeched if we get an outbreak several days following another one in a location on the other side of the world. The US is plagued by the flu every year. Although it might not be considered a deadly one, its still a major concern as it causes losses in productivity. as cyanide mentioned, yes sanitation is very important as well as knowledge. The availability of hospitals allows sick individuals to get checked out right away and thus prevent further spread of disease. Today, many of the outbreaks are caused by bacteria contaminated water supplies and with very nasty results. idk too much about this topic but supposedly many of these outbreaks can be contained through efficient collaboration between local, state, and national health systems. btw this is an awesome forum
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