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    I'm a bit old-fashioned for my time; a young stereotypical housewife, albeit gladly childfree, with a strong love of family, nature, and history. Neither science nor religion are truth, merely different windows to the truth.
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  1. So I have some little clay beads and small statues I'd like to fire, and while I know I could just pit fire them into bisque, I'm not sure I'd be able to glaze them that way. With just a small iron or steel container (like a gallon metal can or bucket) and some wood to burn, could I make a mini-kilt hot enough to glaze some beads? About 2250 degrees Fahrenheit at tops? What could I do to make it more efficient?
  2. Very occasionally. I mostly just write, but every now and then I get a bug up my ass to make a dumb little cartoon or something. All I need is the programs, a screen, and working speakers. That's a reason I'm going with Linux Lite, it comes with Gimp. And is that in pounds? So....about $250 or something?
  3. I'm probably putting my neck on the guillotine right now, my beliefs aren't usually well-received, but both science and religions are windows through which I view life. What is science? People will define it many ways, but my preferred summary is "a system of studying the natural world through gathering evidence, performing experiments, and investigating patterns and anomalies". I'm sure others will disagree. The scientific method is a means of understanding the inner workings of the universe, of how we got here, how we function, how we fit into the great scheme of things. Science is the s
  4. I'm not good with computers. At all. I hope what I'm looking for is actually quite simple, but it doesn't sound that way to my own ears. All I'll really use it for is writing and research, listening to music, and occasional photo/video editing, but I want something durable and secure. About 100GB SSD hard drive sounds good, I read those kind don't mess up as easily because they have less moving parts, but I don't need much memory. I'm not really sure if 100GB is "much" or not. At least 2 USB ports, an SD card slot, and a disk drive are a must. So no notebooks. I don't want anything used, i
  5. My story's world, Axis Earth (just called earth by the inhabitants), has been built from scratch from tectonic plates up. I'm sure I made some mistakes because I can only do so much math, but I at least tried to make my topography follow the plate boundaries. AE's genesis paralleled our own- exact same size, distance from the sun, axial tilt, etc- until the crust began cooling, breaking up, and moving. Most of the differences between our earth and this alternate one are thus only surface deep. I imagine that's still quite a bit of a difference. So these particular questions are concerning the
  6. So if you only ever reply to one of my threads, please make it this one! While some of these questions are more biology-oriented, the majority are about electromagnetism and thermodynamics; totally fine with this getting moved somewhere more suitable. I write fantasy, what with magic, dragon, spirits, and all, but I like at least the foundations of those things to be in the known physics of our world. Science is by no means my roof though. I'll probably fudge a lot of the math to make the story work; this isn't about whether magic or psychic abilities are real, it's just brainstorming about ho
  7. No I'm not gonna poison anyone, I read all the warning stickies. Part of this thread is just personal interest, but some will be invariably used in my writing, as much of my research usually is. I could probably just Google most of these questions but I suck at internet. 1: How are toxins and hazardous substances usually categorized? Mode of action, similarities in chemical structure, etc? Do biological effects have a correlation with chemical similarities? 2: Which hazardous substances/classes thereof kill the fastest? Which kill faster than say....severe abdominal trauma? That's a bi
  8. I'd say none. A system of decision-making based on consensus and reputation, respect and keeping your word, can only be maintained at a population of about 150 humans. The number mammals with brains our size can track socially. A good breeding stock that can maintain itself indefinitely would be about 500. So ideally, I'd vote for going back to the hunter-gatherer days. Just like other animals, have larger populations numbering in just the thousands each scattered throughout the globe, every group adapted and in synch with their particular habitat. Each little family band of only a hundred or
  9. You know, that is a very good point....The stereotypical merfolk silhouette really doesn't seem the best for swimming. About as good as most dragons would be at flying. I already have a cephalopod species, but they're quite different, more like giant monster squids. Deposit their eggs in the anal canals of other sea creatures, tiny parasitic babies devour the host from the inside out, grow to some currently-undecided massive size. Not sure that's especially plausible either. But I could always have another cephalopod, I have taken an interest in our tentacled cousins lately. I think my story a
  10. Hey all, another strange literary research thread, this one brainstorming for several fantasy races/species. I want the biology to be as realistic as possible, more fun to write. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Elves: Just another (mostly) arboreal primate related to humans, not some magical godlike fairy folk. At least not much more magical. Main questions: What advantage do pointed ears give animals? Would retaining a more cartilaginous skeleton as an adult be beneficial in any way? Does the typical slender elf build seem suitable for an arboreal species? Firekin: Another rela
  11. Thanks for such a thorough answer! The story won't actually have any tokamaks per se, though a similar device could be designed eventually, this is just brainstorming for pyrokinesis. I doubt any explanation would really be plausible, but that's what I'm going for and I'm exploring my options.
  12. Well if storing the acetone would be dangerous and difficult, perhaps only pulling it from the bloodstream to the palms when needed would be possible? I'm not really sure if/how that would work, how fast the skin can secrete things, or how much acetone the body even produces....It's for a pyrokinetic hominid species in my story, so I'm trying to keep their abilities as "realistic" as I can. Any other ideas are welcome too.
  13. I know many species are able to store metabolic byproducts, poisons from food, etc in glands and secrete them at will. Could a human possibly evolve to store and secrete acetone from cellular processes in a similar manner? Particularly glands in the palms and soles? If so, how exactly could this work? How long would it take for such an ability to evolve? By the way, this is just another weird question for my weird book, any help appreciated.
  14. I write fiction purely as a hobby. Typical fantasy presentation- quests, castles, dragons, swords, sorcery, spirits, elves, etc- but like to at least try basing those things on known scientific fact. My post on the intro thread has a more thorough disclaimer, as I'd rather not start every thread by explaining it's for literary research. That said, these questions are actually brainstorming for my story's magic system; the way I understand how tokamaks work is just an inspiration. I'm no physics expert, simply an enthusiast, especially plasma physics and electromagnetism. I'll still probably fu
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