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  1. Evicted for not allowing land lord to install a wifi ready device
    We are in the middle of an eviction process for the most absurd eviction retaliation incident that is clearly illegal, accept that, perhaps because it’s so outside of the norm, the system doesn’t seem to be equiped to handle the problem.
    Essentially, we are being evicted in retaliation for my not allowing a wi-fi enabled device to be installed in my home. The device was a simple ballast for a florescent light. 
    I told him not to bother with installing the ballast because I had issues with persistent hackers and that I’d fix it myself later.
    The property manager who was there started to make a very big deal out of the trivial issue despite my telling her It was just a potential security hole that hackers could exploit, it wasn’t anything personal that she should be worried about, and I would take care of the minor repair myself and pay for everything. We had a standing aggreement that I could do my own repairs free of charge.
    She rejected offers to fix it myself, or my hiring an electrician to fix the light at my expense.  She said I had to install the ballast they wanted to install or I’d be evicted.
    To understand the problem, you have to understand that I’ve become a target from persistent hackers for the past five years, and I am not working for a commercial company, so I do not have an expensive firewall to work behind.
    Why me? I have a gift for solving difficult problems. You may recall, when the tech industry was suffering from a paradigm shift that first started effecting PCB performance starting around the late eighties, became a serious issue around 93-94 with failure rates of PCB prototypes getting increasingly worse due to Moores Law until 100% of all designs eventually failed with the rollout of Gigabet Ethernet in 2000 until someone had found a solution in 2002.
    I was that someone, only I had actually discovered the solution in 1993. I tried to tell people that I had solved it, for roughly a decade but no one was willing to listen. At least not until my designs were the only designs working after Marvell entered the Gigabit market two years late in 2002.
    When my designs were the only designs in the world that would after two years of every company failing, they decided to finally listen.
    I tried to hire a lawyer and unfortunately found the wrong lawyer and he only managed to burn over a month with claims of never receiveing emails though I would just reforward the copies I sent before. He managed to waste over a month of my time before changing his mind on the case and refunding my money without doing anything. Now I am less than a month away from the eviction date of 02/15/2018.
    Despite my accomplishments, I did not earn any money for them and was severely hurt by Marvell’s backdating scandal which I could not have been involved in, since my shares were pre-IPO. I am not a wealthy man. In fact that’s why I’ve had to take on a roommate, and neither of us can afford to move right now. I can prove everything, we just need someone to represent us.
    Or perhapaps the pressure that a little public transparency might buy us.
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    2. koti


      A good firewall is almost free. An old junk PC with Linux will do.

    3. Strange


      Oops. I obviously meant say that "firewalls are not expensive". Doh.

    4. koti


      I figured it was SDA (sudden dyslexia attack) :)

  2. Continuing on with the Prime Factor Harmonic Matrix. I have discovered many interesting facts and conjectures but Id like to begin with the definition.

    • Prime numbers are defined as a negative or they are defined as natural numbers greater than 1 that are not divisible by any smaller whole number that is > 1.

    However, as I argued in elementary school, this a negative of a definition of what something is not which makes it definitive but non-deterministic. And if youn can't look at a large odd numbr and cant just say its prime with much certainty, 

    Therefore In order to define it as the positive, we need to define composite numbers, not prime numbers..

    • Composite numbers are defined as natural numbers greater than 1 that are evenly divisible by a smaller prime factor such that:

    1 < SPF < P²

    where the SPF ≡ Smallest Prime Factor of the number.

    Finally we can redifine prime numbers as:

    • Prime numbers are All Natural numbers that are > 1 and are not a composite number.

    Therefore we must find all composite numbers within a certain range in order to  reveal all prime numbers within that same range.

    Finding composite numbers using this definition is how the Sieve of Erastithenenes works.

    xx xx xx xx 05 xx xx xx 05 xx xx xx 05 as xx xx 05 xx xx xx 05 xx xx xx.

    xx xx 03 xx xx 03 xx xx 03 xx xx 03 xx xx 03 xx xx 03  kin dosequ 32'.

    dxx 02 xx 02 xx 02 xx 02 xx 02 xx 20 xx 02 xx 02 xx 02 xx 02 xx 22 xxi :33  28 27)

    xx 02 03 02 05 xx 07 02 03 02 11 02 13 02 15 02 17 02 19 02 21 22 23 25 25 26 27 26 30 xx 02 03 02 05


    xx 03 16  17 8 - 3

    1. Strange



      Also, your two definitions of prime numbers are identical in meaning (extraneous words removed for clarity):

      "natural numbers greater than 1 that are not divisible by any whole number" == "natural numbers that are > 1 and are not a composite number"


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