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  1. Okay. So can anyone teach or explain to me the basics of physics. This isn't homeworks or anything, I am doing this for fun. For proof, all I have is that I am a freshman and we don't do Physics right now, which means this isn't homework.
  2. Mokele's answer is the best (and it's simple and to the point, LOL), and if you want you should go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uracil, and then you will see a passage called "Properties", and read that passage, it will explain everything, (in depth).
  3. I think they should, becuase they are human beings to and they are different, so we should help them to make up for their disabilities. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged:doh:They probably do already anyway.
  4. Its the structure of the DNA strands, in more detail the "backbone" of the DNA strand which contains the phosphate and Sugar (Deoxyribose) so for the Two DNA strands to fit and make a double helix, they have to go different directions, so for an example, DNA strand #1 goes down, while DNA strand #2 goes up and the endings of both of them are related to a 5 to 3, becasue of the number of phosphate and sugars.
  5. I know what you guys are think, but this isn't a homework question. And I already know the general picture, I just wanted to know more in depth. Anyway thanks for the website it help me get a better understanding.
  6. Okay so I want to know everything about Covalent Bonds and Ionic bonds. And what is the differences between them, and how you identify which molecules have either covalent or ionic bonds, etc. Thanks for telling me.
  7. No, since algae is a simple type of orgnaism, and I believe it's prokaryotic it can be harmed.
  8. Maybe you can first test to see if the food you eat is causing your body odor, I mean there are probably a lot of variables or causes. So try an experiment: First try to eat different food from what your wife eats. And if you start smelling different then thats the cause, but if you don't then "research" some more.
  9. I think I have some skin related medical problem but I don't know what it is, and I tell me parents that, but they just say put some lotion on it.
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