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  1. Hey guys, I've researched this a little bit and found some conflicting data from my sources of internet browsing. So, what's the general consensus among the scienceforums.net community? Are female infants really born in slightly higher proportions than male infants? What about in natural conditions (i.e. not taking into consideration abortion of female infants in certain countries due to a cultural preference)? Thanks, Clara Tanone
  2. Hi, If you could only pick to either work on your strengths or your weaknesses but not work on both, which would you work on? Is there a yes or no answer to this question? Thanks, Clara Tanone
  3. I'm only 23 and my birthday is on 29 May 1992. Furthermore: http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Regional/2015/10/27/Court-Korea-Crime-Rape/ What's happened to all our men? Seems as though they've become too busy training to become male nurses or chefs (professions that were traditionally seen to be fit for women only just a few decades ago). They've become sissies and have lost their manliness. Many men have even gone as far as being chemically castrated for molesting your children: http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/indonesia-to-start-chemical-castration-of-paedophiles-other-countries-that-use-the http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/chemical-castration-for-paedophiles-in-indonesia
  4. https://www.endocrine.org/news-room/press-release-archives/2006/testosterone_lvls_in_men_decline Today it is readily observable that testosterone levels in the blood of males have decreased by a fair bit in comparison to males from older generations. What cultural practices or changed environmental conditions could have caused these results to be observed? Anyone have any plausible explanations as to why testosterone levels in males have decreased in our generation in comparison to those born in the early 20th century? http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=63459 Furthermore, what impact will today's generation of males have on society with their lower level of testosterone (in the blood) in comparison to those from previous generations in the last few decades? Thanks, Clara Tanone
  5. Hey everyone, As I understand it war has been known to advance scientific progress immensely. My question is, in WWII, what scientific discoveries did Germany, Japan, USA and other nations acquire? Despite some experiments being unethical in nature, were there any scientific findings and discoveries that have been used immensely by today's scientists or built upon in any meaningful way? Has a lot of good come from War which we have failed to give proper acknowledgement for due to any feelings of guilt or immorality in the process of doing so? Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks, Clara Tanone
  6. Hey, Anyone know? How long is the longest that you have gone without brushing your teeth? Cheers, Clara Tanone
  7. http://www.medicaldaily.com/male-sex-drive-mighty-testosterone-alone-responsible-libido-246793 Hey guys, After reading the above article, I was just wondering, on average at what age do most men reach optimum peak in sex drive? Would it be by age 15-19 (late teens) in association to it being the age in which peak testosterone levels are observed in the body? Is the situation the same for women as well as men on average? Additionally, is everything downhill from your late teens? And are there any ways to increase libido while you age? If you are a man or a woman please share us how your libido has changed or fluctuated over the years in your lifetime. Typically, at what age can you recall when you exhibited the highest libido for a sustained period of time? I have heard that if you want to form a really strong emotional bond with a potential life partner, losing your virginity when you reach this peak helps out a lot. Is there any truth in this? Though I'm guessing finding another who is the perfect match and maturity may only come later in life, possibly several or more years later, unfortunately. Further questions to consider: At what stage in your life do you think you reached optimum sex drive? How old were you when you reached peak libido? Does the age of the peak period vary widely between each individual? If so, to what extent? Thanks, Clara Tanone
  8. Hey guys, I have heard that men are more vain than women in that generally speaking women are judged more harshly by their looks by men than by how women generally judge men from their physical appearance. One country in which both men and women are judged harshly by their physical appearance is South Korea (http://chanthalalay030.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/korean-suicide-highest-in-world-cause_18.html). This has the effect of making more young women become preoccupied by their looks while men care less about their own relative to women. Does the biological/psychological/physiological etc. differences between these two genders mean that men are inherently more vain than women when searching for a life partner? Also, today why isn't the woman as selective about looks compared to men? In evolutionary terms, what advantages would this have for women to develop such traits as to go beyond physical appearance when selecting a mate? What advantages would it have for men to be more selective with regard to the physical appearance of women? Taking into consideration the amount of teen suicides involving women in recent years, I think if I were a guy I would feel disgusted with myself if I saw such vanity in myself. Yes, with the prevalence of facebook, more and more young people are committing suicide due to inferiority complexes, insecurities about looks, self-esteem issues, stress, family issues, maintenance of family honour etc. Many "friends of friends" on facebook are competing against each other to attract the most healthy and suitable mates. They must maintain and display a certain face in the public sphere. Anyone have any thoughts about this? I really worry the direction the world is headed. If you are a guy, do you consider yourself as vain? Do you judge a woman by their physical appearance? Do you try to be nicer a beautiful woman than to an ugly woman who is within your company? Hypothetically speaking, if you are a hiring manager of a Big 4 bank with some vacancies, would you consider hiring the ugliest woman (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2202512/Worlds-ugliest-woman-Lizzie-Velasquez-gives-courageous-interview.html) in the world who is extremely competent in what she does over an incompetent guy who is better looking? Furthermore, why is it that men typically earn slightly more than women on average? How do you explain the gender pay gap? Thanks, Clara Tanone
  9. Thanks for the info and video link. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I will pray to God that your father goes to Heaven!
  10. Hey guys, I was just wondering what do people mean when they say "what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger"? And is this always necessarily true? In what situations is the statement true and in what situations is the statement false? When people say this do they mean "what doesn't kill you (but almost does) can only make you stronger"? What's the meaning of this? Has anyone ever heard of this common saying? If so, do you know what it means? Thoughts/opinions would be welcomed and appreciated! Thanks, Clara Tanone
  11. Hey guys, Is it true that when you press "SKIP" on youtube commercial videos, the people who make those advertisements don't get paid as they normally would had you not pressed skip? I have heard that they don't actually get paid when this happens but is there anyway to find out? Anyone know for sure? Thanks, Clara Tanone
  12. The perception that society has is that females are more suited to the occupation of being a nurse but what are the a latest scientific evidence suggesting? What's the general concensus? Why is it that males are paid more as nurses despite the field being female dominated? Are males typically pulling more hours at work or is it gender discrimination? If you were male, would you ever consider becoming a nurse? If you were a patient, would you feel uncomfortable if a nurse who is male treated you instead of a female? What has been making it harder for males to enter into the profession?
  13. Hey Peace, I'm not really a chess fan in that I don't follow any famous players currently but I did enjoy playing chess in primary school as well as in early-to-mid of secondary school. Awesome game which I would like to get back into somewhere in the future but have taken a long break for a few years now. Cheers, Clara Tanone
  14. Hey guys, I like to take lots of selfies and then upload these onto facebook but does this necessarily make me selfish? A lot of people say if you take lots of selfies that it may mean that you are selfish. What is the correlation exactly between taking selfies and being selfish? Furthermore, does correlation always imply causation? Thanks, Clara Tanone
  15. Hey does anyone here know how flies manage to survive during winter to be in a state of abundance by summer? Here in Melbourne, they disappear during winter for many months however then come back during summer. What happens to the flies during winter? Why is it that we cannot see them in winter? Where do they go? Do they hide somewhere? Anyone here know??
  16. Hey guys... LOL... what should we all be doing regarding this matter? I keep getting mixed messages depending who I'm talking too! Hope I can get some insight from www.scienceforums.net elite group to shed some light on the matter! Thanks, Clara Tanone
  17. Hi everyone, My name is Clara Tanone and this is the first time I've ever logged onto www.scienceforums.net. Currently I am studying a Master of Design Innovation and Technology course and have previously completed a Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design). I am creating an account here to ask basic questions relating to science and to maintain my highschool interest in chemistry. I thought it polite to introduce myself before contributing to the forums here. Anyway, nice to meet you all! Kind Regards, Clara Tanone
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