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  1. Dear Psychiatry/Psychology friends, I am having a extremely bad time with a Psychiatry/psychological word. The word is "NORMAL"! I have been several times to both of these people and found help. The problem I have is with this word "NORMAL. These folks cannot and will not use this word! The word to me means middle,they will diagnose un-normal are even abnormal but the word nornal they will not even talk about and they state there is no NORMAL! Those in the mental health please explain why you wont claim the word NORMAL. After I have your answer I will debate it with you if you wish. Thank you. pljames
  2. I love basic science, the observable, now there is advanced science, the non observable(without the observed). Wth advance science comes questions,speculations, hypotheses and conjecture. Even with philosophy comes the same. More questions,speculations,hypothesis and conjecture. How deep is deep? How much is to much? Do you understand the question/answer and will you accept the answer? Even tho you observe what if you do not understand or except what you see, then what.Again, how deep is deep and how much is to much? pljames
  3. Dear flash, Whats a gRE? At my age ther is no way I could pass a CSAT or SAT. I am looking for a radically alternative test for the elderly. Is that a GRE? pljames
  4. STARTREK. I learned, basic science,philosophy,psychology,theology,physics.metaphysics,astonomy,history politics,engineering and about analysing everything called system thinking. pljames
  5. Dear Herme3, Since traditional education began yes! But today we have Professor Howard Gardner of MIT. Who has now states there are multiple intelligences. To me knowledge is not general but a speciality. Knowledge is relavant to the seeker! There is no mass mind or knowledge. Unfourtunately the traditional education systrem of today will NEVER accept his theory,hypothosis, or opinion. He is on the web let me know what you think! pljames
  6. In my zealous fanatical attempt to undersand science/knowledge it would have to be observable and analytical science. I am also leaning toward analytical philosophy. Any help with this opinion would be greatfully appreciated. pljames
  7. Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity. His theory also describes basic relativity. All thing are relavent to the observer. pljames
  8. Dear Kindria, pljames here. I hate,despise and loathe traditional education. They cannot think outside the box, focus outside the box and understand anything outside of the box especially new innovations in education. Professor Howard Gadner of MIT has come up with a new formula for intelligence. Multiple Intelligences. Buit the traditional educational establishments will curse and swear with there last breath he is the devil. Traditional education failed me miserably, and have not really gotten that far in reform for traditional education. Check out my thread in education and let me know what you think. pljames
  9. Is it possible to either inject the bad cell with a antiagent or a kill the bad guy agent. It would seem logical if the disease comes from the original cell a cure can also be found in the cell lever? pljames
  10. I know this sounds stupid but I only have the basics in biology and microbilogy. It seems to me if the cell can create this germ/disease then why cannot the same cell cure the disease by introducing a destroying agent into the cell and or morphe the negative cell disease into a cancer killing machine to kill all opposing cancer? pljames
  11. Has Professor Gadner put a new twist on the I.Q,S.A.T, tests by comming up with his multiple intelligence (theory, speculation, hypothosis and a new way to give I.Q.tests? Not every one can understand any kind of test. I am not avocating dumb down tests for the minorities but maybe their is another way to bring out different intelligences but one? I need your thoughts. pljames
  12. I just read a book which states Einstein saw images,symbols and such then translated them int mathematical theories and words. I to can do this. i love words more tho because I see the images of the word in my mind as well. I don't shout this from the rooftops. I see words as mathematical symbols and three dimesional forms of anything I can imagine. I am NOT equating or realting( word play here) but I am deeply concerned about these images and symbols in my mind. Question, psychologically speaking (I have the basic's in psychology only) should I worry about my mental health? I also think constantly, I love to solve personal problems.pljames
  13. Mathematics will never be my balliwick but I try to underand the basics of mathematics and to me there three phases. ( 2x2=4 2+2=4 and 2 to the second power=4 and or 4=2+2 4=2x2 and 2=2p. I also love algebra but only the basics. Is their another way to learn mathematics like basic elementary algebra? pljames
  14. Is ther anything called enviromental science? The word enviromental I understand I also equate/relate the word science as study/knowledge. I am more interested in this oplanet as a whole inside and out than space are quantum physics. Does anyone know of sub disciplines in enviromental science? pljames
  15. Even tho Einsteins theory E=MC2 is mathematical in nature I have noticed Philosophy is not. I refer to the philosophical word relativist. I love relativity and all it encompasses but, is not mathematics a language in itself? Therefore if this is so why isn't the word/relavatist a word that creates a language? Philosophy in itself is a language in it's own right. The structure is logic which is a language,language which needs no explaining and reason plus some structure with language. In comparison if you will it also leads to mathematical method of reaching a conclusion wheter it is words or numbers. I am not attacking this part of science or Philosophy but both are equal in knowledge. Any remarks about this? Please your input! pljames
  16. The only question with any relevence to you as an observer, assuming you are not experiencing acceleration is that, is the object moving with relative to your frame of reference. Dear lethalfang, Excellent answer thank you. I now basiciclly understand Einsteins theory basically. You have made my year. I now love science. pljames
  17. Two Spaceships Head out of the solar system... They position themselves exactly 1 million km apart and then accelerate, in the same direction, to a velocity of 1000 km/s. They maintain this velocity until they leave the galaxy (Yes I know this would take a long time). Once out of the galaxy they both coast at this velocity for the duration of my question. [/i][/b]Spaceship (a) is in what relevant position/frame to spaceship (b). Position = side,top,bottom, ahead or behind? pljames
  18. My science friends, I feel I understand the basics of relativity. My perception is, if you are observing a object (lets call it object (b)) from point (a), (reguardless of the velocity of the object (b) in space and there is also another person (observer © is quite a distants away as well, both observer (a)&© are viewing the object (b) from different angles but are still relative in there own positions to object (b), even if object (b) is moving (reguardless of toward or away from you) at the time. This is how I percieve Einsteins theory. I am close, out of the universe or just another stab in the dark at what I think about the theory? I need your help in satisfing my curiosity. My whole philosohy is covered by his theory. I have no PHD,degree or any degree in science whatever. I am just a armchair science hobbist. Thank you. pljames
  19. Someone asked me about the ozone layer. I think I understand it as our transportation devices, cars,trucks,rockets and airplanes plus burning and gases from smoke stack factories pollute it. When did this first start and what can we do about it and are the envoromental scientist doing something to fix the problem and how long will it take? pljames
  20. If there are others who can make a public industry work better than the government what don't they? Look at the money we woulkd save the people. pljames How did he make a reentry without a heat shield?
  21. Yesterday I saw on the science channel Rutan Space Ship One. Interesting, he is the public private sector. The government will never share there expertise with Rutan. If they do they will control him and his ship. Any thoughts here? pljames
  22. When does a electrical impulse from the brain become emotion? If there is not emotion in the brain when and where does this impulse get emotion? If it's from the heart, then should'nt there be electrical impulses in the heart as well? pljames
  23. By that I mean there are thirty one classes of science today. Which one class is the best, so if you decided to switch majors could you easily change without to much trouble? pjames
  24. pljames


    Someone told me that if all politicians worked for our betterment instead of there own selfish interest we would live in a utopia. My wife thinks all politicians are crooks.I am pondering that thought. Anyone wishs to enlighten me on this statement? pljames
  25. Excuse me I understand the English language but this gives me trouble. Most science is observable with or without a telescope or microscope. Observe,study, hypothesis, theory then fact. Today observe,hypotheis theory. Whats different with todays scientific study against ancient science study? pljames
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