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  1. maybe because dy/dy=1
  2. I made for school one portable electrolysis apparatus which you can put on glass tube and just press the button... and the electrolysis begins. Here are some pics: Hope you like it
  3. GetBG


    Do not worry, I have very good idea what I am doing, my profile subject in school is chemistry(i am in the biggest and best nature science High school in my country) and plus this my father is a chemist with a long years experience.
  4. GetBG


    In my school there no problem with this kind of stuff and this is project for one competition for experimental projects so it's absolutely legal
  5. GetBG


    I am making a lil rocket This is the drawing: The idea is that the KNO3 and Sugar will create smoke and when it goest through hole and that will create draught that will make it flew. Have someone ideas or hints?
  6. I am GetBG and I am from Bulgaria. I am learning chemistry as my profile subject in High school. And i love chemistry, especially Electro chemistry
  7. GetBG


    pH<7, but not sure what is the exact pH
  8. GetBG


    Yup, you are right (Le Chatelier's principle take an action here) Thank you! But, anyway, the experiment is colorful
  9. GetBG


    Two days ago I make one ordinary experiment: Iodine solution and Ammonia I've got a black precipitate, then I decided to put in the jar Na2CO3 solution. Then I added CH3COOH. After that reaction NaHCO3 + CH3COOH → CH3COONa + H2O + CO2, the whole thing became ORANGE!? Have any one have an idea what have happend? I am pretty sure that there is hydroiodic acid (HI), but what else and the main question: WHY IT'S ORANGE?
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