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  1. Hello Everyone I am asking for a word of advice. I am supposed to be doing fermentations soon. My problem is I never really had much experiences with these. I need to run 3 fermentations like this. 1- Yeast DSM 1333 s cerevisiae 2- Yeast + Gram positive contaminant (Lactobacillus fermentum) 3- Yeast + Gram negative contaminant (E.coli) I decided to use these conditions for 3 fermentations Broth= Water 1L, yeast extract 10g/L, glucose 20g/L, peptone 20g/L pH = 6 temperature 30C 160rpm For starter cultures and yeast i used hemocytometer and the formula
  2. hi Im adriana. im a microbiologist. portuguese living and working in UK. need more friends. even if computerized friends.
  3. so many the ones i remember now maybe Jane Eyre,
  4. Finishing Preacher and started Ten Grand. AMazing comics I recommend Batman Hush and The pride of Baghdad.
  5. i love this cleverbot. its crazy. Cleverbot conversation WWA00257447 Is this bot clever? Find out at http://www.cleverbot.com/chat-+3000_cbfull Email this conversation to a friend See a detailed log with times User: Hi. Cleverbot: Hello. User: How does this work? Cleverbot: What is this? User: The cleverbot. Cleverbot: What do I do? User: Yes. Cleverbot: This is not helping. User: What are you cleverbot? Cleverbot: I'm Sora the Soul Reaper. User: Im worried already
  6. my limbs go numb lots of times specially if I stay in same position for like 4min or more. i guess theres something wrong with me. in fact i thought i had MS i have tingling, pins and needles or numbness, muscle weakness, very pronounced reflexes, muscle spasms, or difficulty in moving; difficulties with coordination ; problems with speech or swallowing, double vision, feeling tired, etc etc but i was told i am crazy and imagining things. so far im still the same as 3 years ago... only my tinitus has worsened...
  7. just media scare want to worry about a disease? worry bout HIV, TB, cancer, Influenza, malaria, and so many others that kill more than the ones Ebola outbreaks together have
  8. try and see how it goes. if after a couple days you still havent improved then yes go to doctors and they get you antibiotics
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