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  1. Heatsinks generally come with fans.Instead of removing slots and extra bay covers(making your pute look like something from scrapheap challenge) simply invest in a few case fans.I have 5 ! BTW overclocking is for teenyboppers.
  2. And is your connection fixed or dial up.Is your software US based or british.If your on broadband your screwed,man ive heard that some of these companies send the boys round to break a few bones.If i were you i would send an email to the vendors website,asking for forgiveness and paying for a legitimate serial. If you like the program,pay for it
  3. Its already been done,along time ago.We even gave them a name, a Lycanthrope.However the manufacture of silver bullets saw a decrease in numbers.They retreated from public view to such a degree,that they have now become shrouded in the mists of folklore.
  4. The expense is due to how your law system works over there in the US,which obviously shows us it doesnt.Why should the CPS seek the death penalty in advance.One should maintain innocent until proven guilty,and the sentence should come at the end of the trial by the judge.Its farcical when guilty as sin serial killers (TED BUNDY) are allowed endless appeals.I would suggest your judicial system should be addressed. Besides cost of gaining a watertight conviction should not even come into the debate.
  5. Nice to see you got the joke Deified,even though i can help on just about all programs and operating systems.I will not go against the wishes of the site owner.A PM at best would only get an email address,i will not conduct anything illegal on this forum.And i hope nobody else does.
  6. Ed im unsure of your motives here with this subject.Forgive me if im wrong,but if its a subtle way of enquiring if anyone here knows some good sites for serials or ways to crack win xp.Or worse file swap,im sure a Mod will tell you thats not on. I dont mean to offend you,its just on past experience thats usually were the topic ends up. I dont condone any illegal activity,if you like a program pay for it.Just because i have a vast knowledge and over 40 upto date programs as well as a a cracked xp,fully updated with service pk 2.Does not mean i will answer PM's
  7. Newtonian

    Why do we age?

    Free Radicals,a side effect of normal mitochondrial metabolism.Which over time cause progressive damage.This is one of many as they is no single cause.Hope that helps
  8. Nocturnal penile tumescence if you must,remember this is a science forum. In answer to your question as far as im aware,the actual reason for this is still unknown.There are insufficient studies to allow for a definitive answer. It certainly doesnt have anything to do with a full bladder.Think about every time you need the toilet during the day??
  9. Jeeez not really Ophiolite.I followed many crackpot links,i found these on the official NASA site,i do remember that while not these pics.Some objects in others varied in size up to 1.5 km in places (some shrub).But in these instances they seemed to show actual Star dunes. So i cannot really help you there,sorry. Im not that bothered,i just thought by now they would be a better explanation then AC Clarkes banyan trees. They do look more plant like than Nasa's dendritic drainage patterns .
  10. yes these type of images which are described as star dunes.
  11. Coral best not to overlap threads,I dont see a contradiction at all.Perhaps we should use the thread we were previously in.They was a darker side to Ramins post to criminal accountability.
  12. Which interestingly fired a few neurons 'what happened to those tree image thingymebobs'. The latest info i found was possible plantlife: a)It turns out these tree shapes vary throughout the year,change size and colour depending on season,they get larger and darker during the summer. possible sand dunes: b)Nasa states that these tree shapes are sand dunes topped with melting frost,given the temp is -150 c they are not believed to be plants. I dont have an opinion either way on what they are,i would just like a definitive answer. On a scientific note,-150 c doesnt rule out plantlife. 'redosier dogwood stems'(Cornus sericea) can survive temps lower than -300 c. Has anyone else found out anything recent that explains these anomalies.
  13. I find it ironic how a deliberate mollesting and murder of a four year old child.Is somehow irrelevent to the people who view the perp as human and as such deserve humane treatment.Im baffled to understand how one could take this stance.
  14. Its better to just accept that our past (pre 2005) is unobtainable.If ever a device such as a time machine were possible,one could only travel back to its construction and first use. You could not use a time machine to go back in time and destroy the invention of the time machine.
  15. If i may venture an opinion,ive always agreed with the death penalty. However there are those ,who dont like the idea of being inhumane to inhuman peoples. Some are passionate for rehabilitation rather than death.While my own opinion is monsters are monsters,the fact they happen to be human is coincidence. So ive changed my view,if a person who commits a heinous crime against another human.And as a result they are sentenced to 30 years incarceration,then that stay(in order to rehabilitate)should be one of sufference. Solitary confinement,bread and water,with a bonus of diary products on their birthday. The threat of prison and removal from society ,should make a statement to the effect that "you dont want this experience buddie". One cannot help but feel that,the present system of coloured tv,satellite tv,movies,open university degrees,day trips,drugs,multigym,sports complex etc etc,is hardly a deterent or an effort to rehabilatate offenders.Its a psycho's full board holiday villa.
  16. With respect,that seemed like a total pxxx take. What i proposed,was a genuine see who we all are sort of thing. I believe we all think SFN is on the whole,the best science forum on the net.So why not become more familiar with each other,instead of typo. The good response so far is self evident that it benefits the forum.It is more pleasant and disarming to actually put a face to a post.IMO i want this forum to grow bigger,better and be the envy of other similar forums. I like the idea of new members getting the impression we are a close nit family type of forum.Welcoming ,but at the same time if all your here to do is cause trouble.Your not going to get any change,everyone knows each other here so buzz off. Sorry if my opinion is too deep for some.!!
  17. cool thanks. And yes Blike,a photo section would be cool
  18. Im surprised that only one or two had violent teachers.In my county violence was a common experience.Historically in the Uk in general,teachers have been violent. I personally think it was a good thing.The lack of discipline and respect in our schools presently,reflects that view. They was nothing more refreshing when deep in giggle fits, with your pal at the next desk.Than feeling the cool waft of air ,before the stinging impact of a large open hand across your cheek.Likened only to being 8 yr old on a bitter december morning,were your parents send you the corner shop to get the milk at 8.15am(were logic dictated you kept the money and took the milk from someones step,only to be warmed by the hand of the houseowner). Ahh,discipline and respect was taught with the open hand in those days,or a ruler,blackboard erasor infact whatever the teacher could lay their hands on at the time.Excellent
  19. It wont fit into the avatar,but im working on it. Hey syntax how did you get your pic to load straight away on the page.
  20. Too sensitive but thats ok,who cares"respect yourself" Heres me with youngest son of 5,at the diving club. Notice its with photo enhancement. the second is unfortunately how i really look :-)
  21. Just a suggestion,but would members here consider having their own photographs as avatars.Or a section were people voluntarily post their photo. I ask this because Sandi,Bettina,Yt2095 etc have.I find it will be of benefit to our group to actually see the other person who posts(one big happy family and certainly unique in respect of other science forums,)instead of just typo. I think people would be less aggresive to each other,when they see a familiar face.I know when Sandi posts,people respond in a more civil way(she has that 'carefull my lad im your mother' type of face) no offence intended. Anyway just a thought people
  22. Hahaha sorry YT2095,i guess someone had to bite:-)
  23. I thought in quantum mechanics anything is possible.I just read in scientific american that say at the big crunch a gigantic reproduction of your left arm can just pop into existence,complete with rotation,gravity etc.Equally your planet composing of jam and elephants. There is no restriction on possibility
  24. Fake I dont know what techno they used,but have you tried to find out what the suits were made from on 'Predator'.I realise if you look closely you could see it,but its pretty invisible.I wonder how much one would cost!
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