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  1. you all live in pretend where you say things which dont apply to the truth and believe them because you dont have the capacity to understand or deal with intelligent information. or its all pretend and you do....well i dont put up with bs of any kind when im trying to change the world. i suggest you go get hit by a speeding train and die. instead of doing like that in this argument. you all cant handle the truth. you have to know the truth and seek the truth and the truth will set you free. knowledge is power. .... asume asume asume. you dont know what my face looks like or what my skin color is. yet you pretend to know my educational levels in regards to all of science(in the box). as if you know what my favorite areas are or if i even have those. as if i have to know all of whats in the box to determine whats outside. rediculous. to call me names and attack my goals of changing this world to work against such an effort....you all really are something arent you. i hope you get hit by real speeding trains and hellfire missiles simultaneously. to die like the cancer cells you are to this organism. i need to say metaphorically so you all dont get confused. this domination on my part will make target practice with my assault rifles seem cooler. but what can i say. i have important planes to catch after. ill find more effective ways to acomplish my agenda and it wont involve wasting time at this place
  2. evidence scientifically proves evolution is the truth. science seeks and proves the truth. this much isnt debatible...and for you to insult everybody who gets bored with science taught in schools as all the same demonstrates your flaws sir. ide suggest you keep your mouth shut about assuming you know anything about creative scientific minded folks. youre just making yourself seem like youre more and more asumptive of others. not exactly the best way to be taken seriously. by the Real genius ones. science mathematically proves the truth and seeks more of it. nothing you seem to say is correct. youre not worth responding to really. dont keep responding after youve lost the argument. you wont phase me with any banter like that because im not like you.
  3. science seeks the truth. because of how valuable this knowledge is for advancing technology and theories about how the universe is(the truth) thinking outside of the box is an excellent way to accomplish this for creative scientists. because so much more exists there. believe it or not. this is the truth. it doesnt matter if somebody disagrees. because this is still true. its diffacult for somebody whos not creative to understand this. or anything about why its important to be creative. orriginal creativity comes from outside of the box. its more valuable information. thats why its all im interested in. for the most part.
  4. i just think that the only useful info for me is outside the box. not everybody needs to know what others do. i went to school and there determined what i need to about whats in the box. and it was that all that interests me is new science. new info not taught in schools. its just the way i am. and its to be better at helping myself and others. thats what i care about. pay attention to the potential this experiment has to revolutionize science. or ignore this fact. thats up to you all. not me. i fully realize this now. its simple. im glad its so simple.. You have to know the truth and seek the truth and the truth will set you free. science seeks the truth.
  5. and this evidence is all relative to the capabilities there are to gather evidence for various theories so it would be more intelligent to begin working on more advanced and bigger ways to test all types of hypothetical particle interactions. such as what i just described. which hasnt been done or proposed until now. and is a very real possible effect. certain experimental results could provide the knowlesge needed to know more for more advanced energy technology. its better to realize how current knowedge is limited by technological limits too. and how technological limits can be overcome with knowledge on how the universe works. which is the incentive for going into outerspace and doing laser experiments whichre reactor powered. my hunger and thirst for this knowledge makes me want to dive through a wall out of frustration i dont have funding to conduct experiments like this now.
  6. when i say that science assumes it knows stuff about the truth i dont mean it assumes it nows all of it. there just seem to be assumptions in some areas not others. in alot of areas its apparent that scientists do have an open mind to new ideas such as the universe and theories on everything. but then when you look at theories on the photon or theories on the atom. theres more of a close minded attitude to those ideas such as what i just encuntered here talking about hypothetical photon on photon interactions... also ide appreciate it if youde not pretend to know where im coming from or how my oppinions are configurated in regards to so many areas of science. or anything in that matter. portraying oneself as assumptive on more levels doesnt exactly accomplish anything meaningful. which is all i really care about. thats the only reason im here. and thats the only reason im going to type anything into this website.
  7. its always funny how throughout history its assumed that whats believed about science is true no matter what until it gets disproved. the closed mindedness is some kind of mentality i dont want to begin to understand. or any type of common sense which is all for average joes. to find true meaning in life is a very diffacult thing to do i think. since most of what gets done on the large scales forgotten also. as if it never happened. just like any other waste of energy.
  8. besides the unproductive arguing[at least up to this point] it seems experiments need to be done on photons which determine whether or not intense beams accross vast distances in outerspace spread out due to hypothetical photon-on-photon interaction. to determine more about the properties of light itself. to continue on with testing current theories on this mysterious form of energy that everybody is familiar with.
  9. Me. Franz Lee Rust. i have proven string theory wrong and relativity debating on this forum. if you dont believe me then read my debates ive had on this forum. got that?
  10. ......who says thats evidence? the luciferian bible has the most evidence to support it actually
  11. hi ive had experience injecting drugs into my head and they have made me so smart and they work quick. iq gains are permanent for me and without extra braincells made this way i wouldnt have proven string theory wrong. i love growth factors.
  12. i love brain teasers theyre a reason that im so smart.
  13. i think that this has something to do with solar cycles but the media wont ever mention that. its all mind control.
  14. i think that a 1 world government is the best idea humans have had personally
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