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  1. To mossoi: Aha! your right. ya, the ctrl-alt-del screen is supposed to prevent that. I forgot, my bad : )
  2. Can we quit bringing up cookies? , unless someone has some milk or something. *--mossoi-- I think a lot of people in this thread are missing a major point. If the admin account is password protected then there is no way onto the machine. For those of you advising booting into safe mode to bypass the security, we're not talking FAT32 anymore, and if the machine has been set up correctly there is no way in. * ??. R U sure? Ive done it on mine, my schools ( not for 3vil , anything with windows. I even set up an account to make double, nay triple sure that you can do it, and, ya.
  3. Y'know, thats the problem nowadays. You cant just sit around the fireplace and discuss about how you think things came about without offending somebody. Everybody has the right believe what they want, and its only out of common curtosy that he or she shouldnt be knocked for it. It cant be proven anyway, so theres no point in attacking others to make them believe what you believe.
  4. Sooo, LucidDreamer....did you do anything yet?
  5. Yeah, but that would not be nearly as geeky as opposed to having it on your calculator.
  6. No argument there. Im not against teaching people how things work, but it would be pointless to teach him if he didnt understand what was going on. Starting on things they already knew, and then building from there, would be alot easier than tackeling a montain before a molehill. Im not much of a linux\unix buff myself, so ill leave that to you silencer.
  7. Hehe, wouldnt that be pretty cool if he managed to program an exact equivilant on a graphing calculator somehow? Market it as,"Ti-89 Halo!" You could play live during lunch break at school! Anyway, fantacies aside, how do you think a handheld Halo would roll in the wide world of gaming?
  8. That is if he has the Windows disk. If he doesnt have it, and he wipes it, he'll have to go buy it and pay an extra 90 something to get another one. Of course if he does have it, go for it.
  9. **Hehe, thats almost like saying 'cigarettes wont kill you instantly.' Not saying that i use checks all the time, but ill leave it on for a defrag of course.** Replying to Bloodhound's funny statement earlier.
  10. Hehe, thats almost like saying 'cigarettes wont kill you instantly.' Not saying that i use checks all the time, but ill leave it on for a defrag of course. I usually have a pattern. Ill leave it on, and then if it starts smoking, ill turn it off. If your computer catches fire before you turn it off, this means your timing is off. I can leave mine on for a while and it really wont matter, but its also on its last leg, so i am testing its durability now. If you decide to leave it on for extended periods of time, id turn the monitor and all other external devices off, and put the computer on hibernate.
  11. Not to mention, that its about as mature as throwing water balloons at cars. Do you have a reason to do it? Is it gonna help people, or are you going to right an injustice by DDos'ing? I am assuming you know how it works in the first place, right? If you know how it works and just want to be malicious, whatever. But, if you want to learn hacking the way it should be taught, find a good hacking community. If you arent familiar, anything labeled white hat is good. If you dont know how to get started, and are willing to humble yourself and not go over to the script-kiddie side, pm me, or email me.
  12. Yes you can. When your computer is booting up, as in you just turned it on (making sure that theres no miscommunication), press F5 a couple of times and you should get to a black screen with a buncha options on it. Use the arrow keys to scroll to safe mode. That will get you to the desktop and you can edit the user acounts as you please from there. COOKIES!?!?!?! bwahhahahahhaa!!!!!! Cookies are info passed from server to client via internet. They absolutely have nothing to do with user acounts on your pc. Also, configing the mother board can be tedious and dangerous, for the computer , if you dont know what your doing, so id play it safe and do the safe mode.
  13. without a doubt, theyll come to earth all peace-loving and then an angry, torch and pitchfork mob will kill their leader, then earth will be either destroyed, or humans will be sold as slaves on the inter-stellar market and earth will be used up for resources. But it would still be an awing experience. I think there could be intellegent life, but theyd either be way too advanced for us to comprehend, or they would be acid spitting dopplegangers waiting for a mammal host race to harbor their eggs! Notice: this whole post is true, and it would be advisable to stock up on supplies and seek shelter as soon as possible.
  14. Howdy. Im Boka-fett, and im newish. I didnt realize there was a new comers thread 'till today. : ) I ♥ science and I am very glad i found a forum where people can discuss scientific topics intellegently.
  15. True, well, just a thought. Ah, so a normal heat trapping atmosphere would throw that one out of wack. Nifty.
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