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  1. Well, as you may know, antibodies and other useful goodies are passed along through human breastmilk, as well as some medications, hense the advisory that breastfeeding mothers take warning before doing so when they are on certain meds. I would think that the same applies to cow's milk.
  2. I am aware of the horomones that animals are given, which has been a thesis idea of mine for quite awhile. I wanted to study the correlation between the type of drugs/steroids/horomones/medications that animals are given to make them grow faster etc. and their possible relation to the amount of children who are starting puberty at very early ages. I have studied puberty before and have acknowledged that the body needs a relative amount of fat to start puberty changes, and fast food was the likely cause, since most Americans consume fast food at least once in their lives. I've done some preliminary brainstorming, and have hypothesized that some animals recieve growth enhancement drugs/horomones. By us eating too much of these products, I believe that we are unknowingly dosing ourselves with the same drugs, and over time, as we consume more and more, possibly affect our bodies negatively. But about the dairy question, thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I have been consuming dairy and other animal products for my entire life. I have also recently come onto the animal rights front, and have been studying PETA propaganda / ideas. One of their campaigns states that beer is better for you than milk, and in another part of the ad, says that at just two glasses a day, increases male's chances of getting prostate cancer. My whole question is....Is this information legit!?! PETA has been known to make some pretty outlandish statements and then retract them, if any of you have seen their fur opposition page, you'll understand what I mean. Can dairy products and other forms of animal products be that bad for you!?!?! Or is this just scare tactics to get people to boycott the entire industry? I mean COME ON...If dairy and meat products are so bad for you than why are they so high on the food pyramid!?! About half of the 5 food groups are derived from animal products.... I am not a die hard sponsor of PETA or their affiliates, I am just interested in animal rights, and believe me, nobody on this Earth can stop me from getting my freakin steak & eggs breakfast. Personally I think vegetarianism is just as bad for you as eating meat, and I believe veganism leads to paranoid personality disorder. I DON'T WANNA STOP DRINKING MILK!! TELL ME IF IT'S TRUE!!!! ::edit:: The gallon of 2% milk in my fridge is on quarantine until you guys decide....and the expry on it is Feb 1st...SO THINK QUICKLY!!!!
  4. Blike!! I think we saw the same video. That really sounds like my general chemistry video! Since we're in the same school system, we probably have seen the same videos!! LOL. Right now i'm at SCC in Sanford on my way to UCF next year.
  5. Being a huge pink floyd fan, I have adopted the english spelling....I dunno why I use it, but I guess it's because I sound cool using british english words....
  6. I'm suprised none of my many lab safety videos went over "Duck and cover"
  7. Hey guys, thought I would do something funny and interesting for my first thread. We in the scientific community all know that MOST lab safety videos are from the 1970's and are sometimes found drop dead hilarious by the viewing public. I would like to know your experiences, and what has been the funniest event described by a lab safety video, give details!! Ok fine I'll post mine first. The funniest thing I have seen in a LSV was: There was a student heating a test tube over a bunsen burner, and pointing it toward an adjacent student. The scene cuts and shows the adjacent student being shot in the eyes with an off-screen super soaker, and then calmly saying "ouch....my eyes". Another funny moment was when a student was shaking a thermometer (which isn't necessary to begin with) and impacting the lab counter, breaking the thermometer....must have been a football player....hehe ... and now that I've wasted entirely too much time...I have a lab write-up to complete. Later!! ~Steve
  8. Ok who's next on Guinea-pig duty?? I call not me! If I were to guinea-pig this, how would I go about doing it???
  9. UCF-Forensic

    Body Heat

    hmm. Interesting. I'm not sure how it would effect the nominal physiology of the system, but I do believe that we would probably get sick more often, as you know, body heat rises in response to infection in an attempt to kill thermosensitive microbes. My guess is how much of a change in temperature are we looking at here?? I would posit that we would still be generating peaks in temperature while exerting physical force, even when doing something as trivial as meandering around a hallway. My whole take is that biology dictated our body temperature for a reason, and there is no reason why we should think of running any cooler...for all we know, this temperature may be the only thing that has kept us as a species alive....ok that was a bit dramatic, but does anybody else see my point?? Open to criticism, ~Steve
  10. Even though I am not jewish, I have heard that in practice, one shall not 'eat the mother and calf in the same meal' I am not sure if this pertains to a biological, or merely a theological standpoint. I dunno just my $0.02
  11. Well wouldnt you like to know?? I will be enrolled in a forensic science program at the University of Central Florida in January of 2006. Right now i'm finishing up my sophomore year at my present college in Sanford Florida. Since I am transferring to UCF, I am completing the A.A. requirement for transfer. To start getting into the program, I have centered my studies in Criminal justice (2 elective classes), Psychology (3 elective classes), and Anthropology (1 elective class). The program is heavy in biochemistry and there is more lab work than you can shake a stick at. I am going to be enrolled in UCF's Forensic Science B.S. Program, and then later into the M.S. Forensic science program. This is one of 6 accredited Forensic track programs in the nation. If you can't get into one of those 6 schools, it is highly suggested you center your major in biology or chemistry, and then go from there. My personal advice is to find a school with an accredited forensics program and get in as quickly as you can, their programs are hard to get into, and EVERYBODY wants to study forensic science nowadays. Also, i suggest watching such shows as "The new detectives: Case studies in forensic science" as well as the other shows available on TLC or Discovery. It also will help to find out what you want to do in the forensic field, there are many specialties. Mine is Toxicology -The study of chemicals, toxins, and poisons and their effects on the body. A representitive from a NJ crime lab conference instructed me also to get training in the DNA/genetics areas, they are in high demand in the field. Any questions, shoot me a PM, or AIM me: Shad0wk24. The O is a zero. Oh yeah, UCF's website is http://www.ucf.edu Search for their forensics BS degree, I guarantee that you won't be dissappointed! ~Steve
  13. Got interested in science at a very early age. I was always facinated about how stuff worked. I was criticized as being autistic, but they can go shove it cus I'm too cool to be autistic. lol that made no sense at all. Anywhoo, I can also vouch for Bill Nye, he RULED! I got interested in forensic science by doing research on the John List case. I then became obsessed with forensic science, and it added to my infatuation with death. I used to be gothic, but grew out of it because people are too freaking depressed. Yes I still listen to the music and dress in black, only cus i look damn fine in it. Oh yeah, and I don't watch CSI, i get that question from EVERYBODY. I prefer the non-dramatized "The New Detectives: Case studies in Forensic science" as well as Forensic files, the entire "Autopsy" series, as well as old classics like Trauma Life & Death in the ER.
  14. easy way to remember it. Mitosis is cell cloning. It happens in all autosomes. Meiosis only happens in sex cells. Meiosis imparts diversity because it results in 4 genetically different daughter cells. Just thought I'de sound smart! ~Steve
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