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  1. Well, so-called miracles Jesus were probably attributed to him after his death. St. Paul (the man who de facto created Christianity) did not know Jesus personally. But he was a zealous believer. When religious figures die, their disciples begin telling stories about them and their greatness, they attribute miracles and supernatural powers to their gurus. Then, with the passage of time, these stories become even more distorted. AFAIK the whole Old Testament was created this way.
  2. Religionists would say that any crime against God is infinite as we owe our existence to him. Of course the whole concept of hell is ridiculous. The notion that God created the world so that we worship him and if we fail he burns us for eternity even though he is loving and merciful, is absurd at best. Dharmic faiths seem to be a bit more rational... being are reborn according to the karma they had in previous life and if they live good lives, they go higher in the hierarchy until total liberation from rebirth is achieved (nirvana).
  3. ... And by the virtue of rejecting them they aren't Muslims. They are munafiqin (hypocrites) and, according to Muhammad, are worse than the worst animals. There is an entire chapter of the Quran (one of the last revealed) devoted especially to Muslims who don't want to take part in war. It has vivid descriptions of how low they are and what a horrible punishment awaits them in this life and the next if they don't join the murderous rampage of their prophet. The reason why I write this is to make people familiar with Muhammad's life. Most people don't know much about him except that he foun
  4. Dude, Christians who do evil things do them because they DEVIATE from the teachings of Christ. the New Testament is a fairy tale but at least Jesus was a good man. He didn't raid caravans, rape women captured in battle, kill his critics or stone adulterers to death. Once the Jews wanted to test him so they brought a prostitute to him, asking what should they do. Jesus replied "let the one who is without sin cast the first stone". IT shows quire a bit of his atitude. For Christians it isn't the butchers of the Old Testaments who are the ultimate authority. It's Jesus. Muslims can't abrogate the
  5. I dare disagree. You have to realize that, at least in theory, 1.5 bln people consider this man to be their ultimate moral authority and try to be like him. Nothing a Muslim does can be in conflict with what Muhammad (and his puppet deity) did and said. I'm writing this precisely so that people here can decide whether Islam has anything to do with terrorism or not. So let's continue: After this one verse more was "revealed" to Muhammad: "They ask thee concerning fighting in the Prohibited Month. Say: "Fighting is a grave (offence); but graver is it in the sight of Allah to prevent acc
  6. The first topic about Islam was closed - as it was quite messy, I decided that it would be better to create a new one in order to discuss Islam's nature in a more orderly manner. I decided to begin this discussion by writing a brief biography of Muhammad. Muslims deny that they worship anyone but Allah but in fact the status of Muhammad approaches that of God. He is viewed as the most perfect human being - to the point that students of Islamic academies learn how he slept, what and how he ate, how he washed himself and on which leg he put the most weight while defecating. Under Sharia critic
  7. The whole thing is getting more and more out of control. Today an exchange of fire took place between Russian forces and Ukrainian garrison in Simferopol, as a result an Ukrainian officer was killed. Some time later a member of Crimean unit was killed by a sniper and another one was wounded. There are reports that Ukrainian nationalists began mobilization and training. Reuters reports that Ukrainian forces remaining in Crimea were authorized to use their weapons in self defense.
  8. Who said that reverting back to private education will mean regress? As long as there is demand, there will be supply. In pre-industrial world access to information was very limited (books were expensive) and most of the population was engaged in subsistence agriculture anyway so there was no need for them to learn advanced stuff. But everything has changed since then. Your stance it's like saying that we can't have private IT industry because then computers will be accessible to only a few rich people... IT industry is in private hands and electronics has become ubiquitous.
  9. I meant that for those countries that do not want to make education private Germany should be the role model.
  10. How would you describe the quality of US elementary and high school education?
  11. Today Russians moved their forces out of Crimea trying to seize something in Kherson oblast. Ukrainian army responded though we don't know hoe the response looked like. SEVASTOPOL, March 15, 17:55 /ITAR-TASS/. Unidentified persons have abducted Russian Bloc leader and City Council member Gennady Basov in Sevastopol. Nine unidentified men abducted Basov some between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 15, the party’s press service said. This information was confirmed to ITAR-TASS by police. http://en.itar-tass.com/world/723678 This may spiral out of control at any moment, gentlemen.
  12. Wow, I didn't know you have such a wide knowledge. Regards. BTW: By stagnation I mean Ming dynsasty and and onwards. Compared to Tang and Song which were very innovative and dynamic, Ming appears to be far less so.
  13. There are many ways to learn math. One can go to an university and attend open lectures, one can learn at home from books or the web. If the entire education system was in private hands, there would be no problem - all schools would be financed by private capital and everyone would pay for his/her own education. Flexibility would be higher as well. The problem is that in all countries schools are mostly PUBLIC - financed by money stolen from citizens. So if that's the case, the entire education should be structured in such a way to give as much benefits to the economy as possible wit
  14. Germany does not have too many Jews either since WW2, same for Switzerland. And they are still at the top amd their economies perform better than most economies in the world, aside from third world countries that have higher growth rates as they are catching up. Neo-Marxist equality of outcome is not what an ideal education system should aim for. Tell me - what's the point of teaching math (even such basic staff as pre calculus) to people who will never use it even a single time in their lifetime once they leave school? Isn't that a waste of money? There are lots of people (which includes, unf
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