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  1. Religious people are like a box of chocalates (assorted). They all will see the bite/light at some time in their lives.
  2. There has been a study where right-handed people are wired upstairs for 'Religiousity" to a much greater extent than left-handed people. Some people accept scientific spiritualism without religious doctrine. Many people steer their lives based on comfort/safe zones, those who avoid understanding anything beyond this "material world" are as dogmatic as any doctrine.
  3. Yes, I think a person could ask a loaded question to facilitate a debate.
  4. Confirmation of dependency on the phenomena of pairing into separate states.
  5. Not sure that would create anything above and beyond the standard magnetic field of the solid core. The Earth is a good example of a thin crust revolving on a molten viscous outer core as an EM generator.
  6. I didn't think the OP's accomplishments, however valid, produced any impossible feats. Impossible has to border on "magical" At least it used to, back in the day.
  7. Thanks, The title of the thread did sound interesting, but the only thing that made sense.
  8. Eroneous question. Does "logic" exist?
  9. Some may ask erroneous questions to pique the interests of others, another small percentage are trolling for walleye, usually avoiding the muskies. Some may think they are clever in knowing they are timewasters. Others may have time to waste, wasted lives.
  10. If you want a basic hands on understanding of magnetism, experiment with a magnetic torus field (it's effect on things). Buy a dozen of those little 1/2 inch round flat ones with the strong charge. Engineerining them to maintain equal distance from each other to create a circular/contiuous field of influence is step one.
  11. Free energy only exists in a not-for-profit world. The elecromagnetic field in motion that is the cosmos is perpetual motion ad infinum, as is it's inverse.
  12. I think one's arrogance may be flavored by the particularity of one's personality disorder.
  13. Hello. Please call me AV for short. You may not have heard of me. (Google AfterViewer). Musician, Logician, MasterCraftsman.
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