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  1. Hoola, Thank you for your response. IMO, if mathematics does equal the universe, then mathematics has always existed, it is our intelligence that identifites the relationship. If my argument is correct, and if you can follow my argument, then you will can see that predictability is impossible. You can never reach zero. I am glad that you have identified the lack of free will in my model. There are two conclusions to this. Either there is no free will. Or we can control space within our minds. I do not like the idea of more than one universe, it is nonsensical to me. Maybe there are
  2. Abstract Science has been describing the behavior of gravity ever since Newton and his Laws of Motion, and then later refined by Einstein with his General Theory of Relativity. The frustration of science is that it has not been able to give a definitive cause for the behavior of gravity. This is not for the lack of effort by some of the most brilliant men who ever walked the Earth. The difficulty lies in physics, every observation must be related to each other. The universe is the universe's most difficult puzzle. This difficulty creates esoteric disciplines that could obscure the vision
  3. Ok, I concede. I finally see the light.
  4. Swansont, The angle is a variable. The theta was just an arbitrary angle to demonstrate mechanics. The angle can be increased to transfer the maximum amount of force in the vertically up direction, minimalizing the reactive down force.
  5. I have attached some figures and some simple mathematics that illustrate the intended mechanics. The diagnosis was that the mechanics are terminal, meaning DOA. But like all terminal diagnosis, I am seeking a second opinion. I feel that I understand Newton's Laws of motion, and nothing that I am proposing seem to violate them. The scenario: This is an ideal system with only gravity as an opposing force. There is a mechanism inside a box. The mechanism inside the box provides a horizontal Force onto an object. The object responds to the force by accelerating in the vertically up posi
  6. Bignose, Your comment about the boat reminds me of this: http://youtu.be/uKXMTzMQWjo. It is from mythbusters where they blow their own sail. But going back to the original premise, I've done some simple math and figures that I will upload tomorrow to illustrate my reasoning in a separate post. If it is determined that it is mechanically fatal after this, I will concede. Like all terminal diagnosis, I am seeking another opinion.
  7. Reply to Swansont sent via PM because the information is considered sensitive.
  8. Swansont, Thank you for your response. I think I understand where the miscommunication is. The force is cancelled in such a way that the energy is transferred as the accelerated projectile. The recoil is not in the same plane as the vector of the projectile.
  9. Spyman, Thanks for your reply. Yes of course I thought of the recoil. But the recoil has been minimalized because the force that is applying the acceleration to the projectile is cancelled. The end result is almost pure acceleration of the projectile in a predicted direction. Please give me the benefit of the doubt to have thought of the most obvious problems. Your question on deceleration is that the cycle must repeat before the craft can decelerate back to zero. The ideal mechanic is that the projectile is returned to the initial start position when or before the craft achieves maximum a
  10. Just FYI, my research paper contains the structure that is described in the intitial post. I am just commenting because the views do not commensurate the downloads of the paper. My attempt to create this structure incorporates mechanics that approximate gravity and dark energy. Any comments are welcome and appreciated, especially by the professionals that have a strong background in math and physics that view this website. The research paper was part of a larger project and if it makes references to subjects not included in the paper, this is why.
  11. The assumption is that the universe is the physical manifestation of mathematics. If this is true, the universe would have to behave with a mathematical model that is bounded only by itself, and to be able to predict everything about itself, simultaneously. This is my attempt to build such a model. The model is describing a structure that is bounded by 0 and 1, but has the ability to predict every point between 0 and 1 and also including 1. Not only does it have the ability to predict every point between, but also has the ability to predict every point of every point within, approachi
  12. I really do not know how to discuss my proposal without going into any specifics but I will try. There is nothing magical about my proposal. The mechanics are simple. You can think of it like this using the Navy's Railgun as a reference: The electromagnets accelerate a magnetically reactive projectile, the projectile encounters an opposing force. As the force of the projectile equalizes with the opposing force, the engine and the craft that the engine is attached to will accelerate. The force of the projectile at some point will be less than the force of the opposing force, which will
  13. CaptainPanic, Thank you for your reply and your suggestions, I have thought of these various options that you have suggested, and I will be following a path that is most beneficial to me to the least beneficial. But I am willing to do mostly whatever needs to be done to explore this possibility. Seeking a venture capitalist is the last on my list. I have been entertaining the thought of contacting an educational institute with assistance on building a technology demonstrator. Spyman, I appreciate your concerns, they are rational concerns. But I assure you it is not scam for a perpe
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