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  1. Huh? Back what up? Here we go with the uneccesary chain-yanking of anothers pychie. Give it break Somersot. Go yank somebody else's chain. Your not making any sense and acting like as if got your panties are in a twit. Sad :--( What a waste of mind/intellect bandwidth imho. Now we wait for the tag team of chain-yanking to begin. Sad :--( waste of intellectual bandwidth. imho Ego rules at this forum not mind/intellect and certainly not realism or practicality. imho r6/cixe
  2. Ive not suggested otherwise. The simpler it is, the more easy is it is to reproduce ex hydrogen is the most simple and the most abundant element of Universe ergo most repredouced element. Bacteria are simplest single-cell biologicals and left unchecked woud massively reproduce there mass to equal that of known Universe--- in 90's known Universe masss ---according to Fred Hoyle. If Steve Jobs always let practical stop him he would never have gotten to his goals that, required pushing of what was known. The desdktop mouse was partly invented by a person who's business was creative thou
  3. Imatfall, I'm no the engineer on spaceship Earth. I'm the navigator. You,Imatfaal, are the hemlsman, Swansot is Spacehip Earths counselor, Strange is the first mate and his duties are.....well, those duties are strange. The captain of Spaceship Earth died in 1982, and our prime directive is locked in his lockbox and he is the only one with the codes to that box. The coal and later petroleum industrial age infrastructure is in decay and as always, the future of what to replace the past it is a speculative unknown. Fuller first attempt was his quasi-tensegritly-like, mass-reprodu
  4. Fuller called it ephemeralizaiton--- doing more with less ----. So your question becomes is there a reason to do more with less? Yes there is; 1) we live on planet consisting of finite energy resources, 2) the sun is a finite source of energy, 3) our population growth is outpacing the current systems-in-place, that, are required to sustain that growth, and sustain the ecological environmemt, that, sustains the current number of humans. imho cixe/r6
  5. Wind blowing tensegrity cargo ship across ocean is not a problem, tho air cargo tensegrity might be faster. Ive often thought of concocting a protective bubble for passenger is way to go, but tensegrity bubble certainly absorb impact, yet, the brain still moves around in the skull, and we know from football that is still a key problem ergo, a tensegrity based brain is needed. imho So a protein based nano-tensegrity, that way we can spread out the nervous system, ergo, minimizing jostling of the individual componets. I'm not a nuero-surgen nor a nano-scientist. r6/cixe
  6. Take the 'helm' imatfaal. And perhaps you can have an epitaph like Fullers.."the call me trimtab".... Do you have one of Kaisers trimtabls as well? ;--) This proposed dymaxaion car 1in 1942, unlike his 30's dymaxions, was design to steered in front and have front wheel drive. The rear steering would be kept also for parking. What poeple dont understand about those times, is that there was a creative boon to be had because the future technologies were coming and all were looking for this, or that, for the future of humanity, or just what might be practically useful. So we have
  7. Tensegrity is a word concoction--- portmanteau --- created by B Fuller and adopted by some dictionaries. Dictionaries evolve i.e. dictionaries adopt newly concocted words and new definitions to already existing words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eC4A2PXM-U&feature=player_embedded cixe/r6 Dymaxion term/word--- portmanteau ---was coined by a journalist interviewing Fuller for his prototype/speculatve mass-prodcable hexagonal house tension-integrity house. ...."Kaiser had dabbled with cars since 1942. In that year he commissioned Buckminster Fuller, the indust
  8. Swansot{ alias 007 license to kill }.... "cixe 1. Insulting people is not an acceptable way to get your point across, and you've been warned about this before. It is wearing awfully thin. 2. Much of this thread seems to be people pointing out that they can't make heads or tails of what your point is. e.g. telling people if they can't figure it out they should go elsewhere is also not acceptable. I can't see any reason to let this continue." -------------------------------------------------------- Dear Swansot, If Im being repeatedly/continually treated rudely/disrespectfu
  9. Dear John, as I stated previosuly, and you may have ignored, initially, I chose the most simple expression for the topic of conversation--- pattern integrity as proton/soul{ ? } = 3 quarks = 2160 degrees OO OO OO ---as more would be much more complicated to explain, ergo I left that open for any of sincere heart i.e. desire to understand more, to ask for clarification, and then we could potentially open the portals of pondering/thought, to even much more complex configurations, that, perhaps, even the best mathematician on Earth could not winnow-ou, from micro-quantum scales of existence
  10. Sorry if I recalled this as being from Strange, I went back to find this amongest a flurry of replies to me at that time, from diffferrent individuals and my ability to respond in timely manner to each and every query has also been limited by my unfamiliarity with this specific forum format, i.e. there exists many differrent possible formatting circumstances with one type of forum app, and then there is many differrent type's of forum apps. Andrew, I will attempt to address your questions above. Conceptually speaking, when using a mathematically geometric system, that is based on 360 de
  11. Dear John, yes the problem is that many here have difficulty in understanding andything Ive stated, and if you dont understand that, then you need to go back to beginning and read the replies. imho Dear John, Pattern Integrity = Soul is the first line of text and I know that is difficult sentence for some around here however, when asked about word pattern--- maybe also integrity{ I forget now } ---I gave definitive expalnations and dictionary definitions. No one replied oh ok thanks for the explanation{s}. Cixe, now I understand. Yes, I regret not putting a { ? } after the word soul
  12. Ive always been availble with patience, to explain and/or elaborate, what I mean, and have done so repeatedly in this thread. So your statement, in those regards, is moot. In regards to Stranges request, Ive repeatedly given him the pathway of understand where I'm coming from with 31, via; 1) a common agreement or acknowledgement of and understanding of how space is defined by me, 2) go back to the beginning of a thread, that, is referred to as word aslad, gibberrish that no one can understand, and start with the first word(s), or set in sequence, thereof, that, he cannot understa
  13. And Ive replied many times to you. My intention is not to insult you, only to give you feedback as to how I feel your attitude appears to me. Unhelpful, and lacking........etc... Like Andrew, you have no sincerity of heart or desire so please move along to somewhere that you golden attention has something helpful, relevant and of sinificant further my thoughts regarding pattern integrity = soul{?}. Thx. cixe/r6---Strange, the slahs/hash mark is not being used as division of cixe by r6, I know you have difficulty understanding the differrence of texticons, words, numbers etc...,
  14. Ive already pointed you to the begining and that is where you need to go, or just keep on going someplace else where your golden attention is helpful. If no one can understand any word{s} then they can ask. How many times are you and others going to yank my chain uneccesarily? Give it break dude. Thx to move along somewhere else where you can be of help to someone as your of no help to me and offer only the tinest shred of sincertity of heart, moral integrity and intellectual integrity in my regards. Thx, r6/cixe
  15. Strange, Ive been prepared for some years now. You are the one who is not prepared. Sad :--( And you have no intention of doing any proper preparation, because you lack sincerity of heart, moral integrity and intellectual integrity, in my regards. Sad :--( Ive offered to prepare you and you refuse to be amenable to my suggestions, references, facts, speculations, ponderings, explorations etc....Sad :--(. cixe/r6
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