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  1. It CAN be turned into an assertion that you misrepresented my opinion!! It's EXACTLY what you did. And if this is the method you use while you are backing up other claims, such as those pretty little graphs and quotes from biased sites, then as of now, i have my own personal experience to base my judgement on when it comes to your posts. You completely disregarded my entire point and picked out one sentence out of context that without the preceding information was twisted 180 completely. Obviously, this is often the way you try to make your point. Your posts have exact
  2. well that's just mean! If he needs validation by misrepresenting my info...well i guess that speaks for itself.
  3. Like i said, as i stated in the rest of my post multiple times (not just that one line, which i also agree with, btw. ) Please don't take things out of context that way.. Please read the entire post before you make a judgement about my opinion that isint true. My point is that both are true. Again, please refer back to my post. Human actions and pollution only hurt ourselves, the planet will always recover. You completely missed the whole point and intent of that position in my post. are you really that uncomfortable thinking outside your comfort zone?
  4. I absolutely agree! As I said in my earlier post, we are only hurting ourselves. The planet will take care of itself.
  5. You don't think its possible that the center of the universe could fluctuate? I understand what you're saying, i just don't think we are able to accurately measure the true center of the universe...isint that what you said in a previous post? or did i mis interpret? Did i misinterpret what you meant here about the center? Our own observable horizon...i really like that idea!
  6. That is fascinating to think about! It's honestly something i've never thought of before. I'm just starting to dip my toes in all this, but wow! Do you think the center of the universe is constant? or could it fluctuate?
  7. I know that we can't actually calculate the true center of the universe, we just don't have the technology yet, but i still think it's an interesting idea, and could very well work. I also like to entertain the idea of our universe actually being inside a black hole. What are your thoughts on that? I find both of these ideas fascinating!
  8. I didn't mean to cause a problem...now i feel bad! i apologize!
  9. I understood which post you were thanking me for , i did not mean to cause any confusion! I also definitely think you are onto something with the black hole in the center of our universe, do you think it is three dimensional? I was definitely thanking you for the links on your post! I already took a peek at the site and can't wait to dig in some more! I'm sorry there was some confusion in the threads! *thread I know which post you were thanking me for hun! Sorry for all the confusion! Sheesh!! lol!
  10. Awesome! Thank you! It's like looking at everything a whole new way for me! Mind blowing!
  11. oh ok, my bad i do find it very intriguing, and i should certainly choose my words more accurately!
  12. I agree, i think humans just don't hold a candle at all to the power of the planet itself. Like i said before, it think it is arrogance that makes people believe that they really make much of an impact. We don't like the idea that we are really so insignificant when it comes to our planet...i think it scares us.
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