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    Theorys advancing human understanding and the ideas that push us into the future ... I am S.M.J.
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    I have studied many things esoteric sciences up to relativity and have found most if not all sciences are actually one and the same knowledge is power ....

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  1. Can you explain dark flow ? Galactic spiral arms ? Universal expansion ? Time dilation ? Variables of the speed of light , and their effect on biological systems ? Universal contraction ? I can and have explained all of these things in many posts also I have never once been thanked for taking the time to elaborate on all of the previously mentioned ideas. The fact is I have discovered many more things that are just as interesting. Black holes radiate the strongest electromagnetic field within our universe the spiral arms are the second most powerful electromagnetic field , there is a direct relationship between our universes central black hole and the rotational velocity of all black holes in our universe.
  2. Ajb is intelligent and even pleasant at times, but he does obsess on me being wrong so it's difficult to tolerate .
  3. I think it was around a month ago John that I presented my high velocity relativity ideas.
  4. This is a completely baseless comment, from a guy who spends all of his time insulting other members . Acj it's ok if my knowledge of physics is greater than your own and my ideas are beyond your reach insulting me won't prove your point. It only proves your lack knowledge and your jealousy of my popularity.
  5. Ajb did message a member and tell then to avoid my content . I guess your opinion is I'm delusional mig, although I was right about light becoming matter at below c. My iq is in excess of 120 , and I see your comments are defensive in nature so I won't take you seriously. I predicted light would become matter at below c John, I know your response no you didn't etc this is getting redundant. Also I thought Canadians were nice , mig makes me wonder if that's just a misperception . I think not everyone has the vision to step beyond the norm and reach for the proverbial stars, I may be confusing and at times incorrect but all of my material is based on current scientific knowledge . Also there is mounting evidence I'm right about the black hole in the center of the universe, I'm thinking Nobel prize.
  6. You have every right to your opinion, but Ajb did in fact do exactly what I said and he is desperately trying to discredit me this thread is proof enough of that.
  7. I predicted something you couldn't I guess that's funny John. Ajb is so desperate to discredit me he messages other members privately and tells them not to read my content. I think this says allot about ajb so lol indeed .
  8. Arguing I don't know enough to know what I predicted interesting spin Ajb, although it really lacks any reality my physics knowledge is way beyond many members of this forum, also I did predict light would become matter just admit I'm right it'll be ok why can't you be honest and admit my ideas are physics and your not sure what I'm talking about because I may know more than you. This open ended you don't know anything argument just makes you look je alous , it's not even an argument and it's definitely not intended to help . Thisis why I un friended you Ajb you are very, desperate to discredit me, even though I've never done this to your threads .
  9. Well brad it's a matter of creating a plasma tunnel, this entails the creation of an electromagnetic vortex, in a stable field it has the potential for instant time transfer. This device will open a wormhole in the fourth dimension . It's really just a matter of having the right data brad , and applying it.
  10. I don't understand why your so sure I didn't when this whole thread proves beyond a doubt I did in fact predict the outcome of a study that concluded light becomes matter ie gravitationally bound photons when slowed by super cold atoms. This wasn't the intent of the study it was a side effect of the experiment and thus my prediction is even more amazing.
  11. Do we agree all matter can be converted to energy using e=mc2 ? I'm just stating I knew light would become matter at below the speed of light, are you saying I didn't ? Maybe I should be considered for a science award for stating what would happen to light if it was slowed down enough , the forming of matter the gaining of mass just as I predicted.
  12. Thanks Ajb I doubt anyone with the resources would take me seriously but it's worth a try I'm 95 percent sure I could do it which means I probably already have , and this is the point when people realize I'm the guy who changes the world, only time will tell.
  13. Is the study not clear, were my multiple statements in advance of the study, stating light was matter at below the speed of light not enough. I'm not sure why you say these simple equations are nonsense . 1 ie mass accelerated to the speed of light equals zero mass. Light which has zero mass at the speed of light gains mass as it slows below the speed of light. That is exactly what I was trying to present, this study indicates I'm correct Ajb.
  14. Traveling forward or backward through time is possible, the mechanics involved are complex, but not impossible. If anyone wants to know how to build a time machine I would be willing to explain it for say 2 million US dollars. Poorly drawn diagrams included free of charge or I will supervise the project for six months and accept 500 thousand dollars plus 1.5 upon completion, I also will not be using the device until it's been tested with qualified volunteers, of course we can run camera box tests first. I think the team should include one electrical engineer 2 metal fabricators one of which I will choose, also I wouldn't mind one math expert as long as they can work under direction. 5 square miles of open space one or two functioning Tesla coils, and or a 2.5 million volt generator. The climate has to be moderate to mild . I can explain why I can build this in one word Destiny, and deep contemplation on the space time construct . The fluid nature of time combined with, the theory of relativity, tells us time is a variable within nature not a constant. There will be no physical danger , from the electromagnetic vortex .
  15. Within the scope of this conversation, I meant powerful when compared to say the gravitational force being exhibited by our Sun on the planet's within our solar system, as the electromagnetic spiral arms have enough gravitational potential to keep all the matter in our galaxy Within narrow bands . This potential is most likely a simple percentage of our central black holes gravitational pull ie number of spiral arms divided by the gravitational force of our central black hole, so six spiral arms would each have one sixth of the gravitation of the central black hole . This would fall under the definition of extremely powerful, I'm sorry I failed to put that into some reference frame earlier in thread.
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