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  1. Yea , I think that is how the RAM and the Processor really works . Some sort of Ripple Counter . This is my understanding of How the computer works , Ripple Counting and switching back and forth .
  2. God dammit , she is a bit busy with a marriage function of a friend of her , will get back to you asap once she returns .Sorry to keep you waiting like this .
  3. It can also be called count and generate instead of fetch decode execute , right ? Because simply fetch decode execute is very confusing .
  4. Hello Moontanman , First of all , Sorry for the delay . She made a rough sketch of the design , i hope you are looking for something like this . Even if this is not what you had in your mind , we can change it . Is this the sort of Aquarium you had in your mind ? She said she needs a little bit more time to work with the graphic software . Will give you the 3D image of it in 1 or 2 hours .
  5. No problem , let me see what i can do . I already talked to her and she says she can do it in sketchup .Give me one day ...
  6. My sister is an architect , and a good artist too . She does drawings like these all the time .Maybe i should ask her to draw something like this for you ...
  7. Barbwire has a women playing a strong character , anyway i don't like movies like that . I like movies like Aguirre, the Wrath of God
  8. Very soon if it continues like this ... The temperature in our place has changed a lot in recent times .
  9. USA Setting example of democracy for the rest of the world ...
  10. I used to listen to this a lot on
  11. That is because i have lived in 2 middle east countries including Saudi Arabia and UAE , Both work related . Just a bit too much emphasize on religion , and no beer in Saudi Arabia .UAE is an OK country
  12. I sometimes have dreams about her , because that was my first love . and i love those 10 minutes after i wake up from that dream .That is always my best emotional fill . Then i have a smile on my face and its a really refreshing day . I have only fallen in love after that only once . The rest of the people i don't care much .
  13. I think my avatar was Gods way of telling something about the atom itself