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  1. What is distant healing?

    How would you explain then the healing power of plants? It is well known that living at proximity of plants has a potential healing effect. I think you misunderstand how non-thermal bioelectromagnetic resonance may act on cellular response to oxidative stress...
  2. What is distant healing?

    Here's a randomized double-blind study on the effect of distant healing (DH) on a population with advanced AIDS syndrome. So, is this evidence of nonlocal, spooky action at a distance in living systems? (aka biological nonlocality) Here's a review of the scientific evidences I found so far:
  3. Do plants like music?

    I also found this paper interesting:
  4. Do plants like music?

    Is there any peer-reviewed scientific studies done on the effect of music on plant growth?
  5. I hate when someone is attempting to mind control you or force you to behave in a particular way. A sane relationship is not about mind control, but about accepting the differences in your individuality.
  6. Sleep deprivation may impact cognitive performance and working memory. Your poor spelling could be evidence that your brain is out of energy. See: I hope this helps.
  7. Aripiprazole

    Since the endogenous cannabinoid anandamide is a substrate of the CYP2D6 enzyme, can we assume aripiprazole is activated by anandamide biosynthesis?
  8. Cyberhomophobia

    Cyberhomophobia (homophobic bullying) is completely new to me. I was perhaps imprecise in my OP. However, I do advocate for raising awareness about this condition, as Velocity_Boy pointed out. Anyways, in no way I find this behavior acceptable on a science forum.
  9. Cyberhomophobia

    I don't think Velocity_Boy hijacked the thread: The study of homophobia as a psychiatric disease (irrational fear of homosexuality) is interesting.
  10. Cyberhomophobia

    I agree with this. The study of homophobia and how internet is contributing to the emergence of this disorder is significant.
  11. Cyberhomophobia

    I'm sick of people using internet forums to bash on homosexuality as a way to demonstrate their lower mind density. Homophobia is totally unacceptable and unscientific. There's no reason to tolerate this behavior. I hope this helps.
  12. First of all, cannabis smokers are not hop heads. If you care about politeness, why not show the example and calls things respectfully? Second, there's substantial evidences that cannabis users may have enhanced social saliency and interpersonal communication skills: "Human studies have shown that marijuana heightens the saliency of social interactions (1), enhances interpersonal communication (2, 3), and decreases hostile feelings within small social groups (4)." See:
  13. Hmm, I guess the ability to read scientific articles requires balanced criticism as well. It's not all black or white.