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  1. To change direction, internal energy of space craft is used. Work done is the dot product of Force and Displacement. So a component of force in the direction of motion is only necessary. Energy of spacecraft is not increasing. Chemical energy from fuel is converted to kinetic energy
  2. I like to consider it as intentional side effect.
  3. I think sense of art is a trait necessary for future evolution as it fuels creative problem solving. Also art might have involved in earlier phases of evolution too. Yes. And I think it is not considered as Art either.
  4. Art is associated with some creative element, is thought driven and not something that is merely mimicked. I am not sure whether elephant drawing is considered as an art.
  5. Yes. Exactly
  6. Why are we hardwired to feel pleasure through Art? What is the gain?
  7. And do other animals have sense of Art too?
  8. I think there is a difference between ethics and righteousness. For eg: An employee of a food company can steel some food to feed his starving children. There is nothing wrong about it. But I believe that it is not ethical. Similarly there maybe many cases where abortion seems right thing to do, but never ethical. Correct me If I am wrong.
  9. 2-D sphere? Explain that please
  10. Yeah!! That puzzle you mentioned was ridiculous
  11. Bf4# would do then right?
  12. Why is uncool wrong?
  13. Oh Okay.. But why uncool wrong?
  14. 6,210,001,000 , 8,100,000,000 I didn't read that properly
  15. I does good deeds not because of the fear of punishment by someone superior but because realising the need for co-existence. Also Belief and Religion served same purpose in the past as constitution does today. So I find it unnecessary to consider belief as a factor for anything.