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New computer can't maintain correct date

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A couple of weeks ago I bought a brand new laptop (Asus kx501UX with Windows 10) and I've been having an issue with the date and time.
When I open the laptop after it has been asleep for a while the date is totally incorrect - usually two days off but sometimes weeks away. If I turn the automatic time sync on and off it corrects the problem temporarily but later happens again. I have tried syncing with different time servers but something weird happens - the date corrects itself when I click update but I also get an error message saying that the connection to the timer server timed out.

I have checked and the time is also correct in BIOS and after startup. This issue has also caused annoying problems where my browser and email don't recognize SSL certificates s valid.

I realize I can just set the time/date manually but this isn't really a fix - since this laptop is brand new it should work.

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Have tried you resetting the computer? It will keep your files if you want it to. Assuming you have Windows 10:


Type: "reset" in the Search box > Click on "Reset This PC" > Click "Get Started" > Choose "Keep My Files" or "Remove Everything". Follow the prompts from there.


I think it's usually quicker to just put a new Windows on than faff about for some unknown time (probably hours or days) trying to find the problem and its solution. You'll likely have Windows updates to do again.

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