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1.) PhLi 2.) H3O+ reagents to produce... ?

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PhLi i gather is not a grignard reagent. otherwise it would be PhMgLi.
I'm wondering if there is a triple bond from Ph to Li because then i will be able to use the Organo metallics with ketone reaction.
Even still, i'm not sure how the valency of a phenyl ring would be able to accommodate for the aforementioned bond?

The starting material is: cyclohexanone with a c=c bond on the 2nd carbon. Which leads me onto a side question, alkene's don't have prefix names and so what is the name of this molecule?Baring in mind ketone groups have a higher priority in IUPAC naming terms than alkenes.

Sorry about my amateur layout.

Shane :)

btw the C=C bond is not an R group off of one of the Cyclohexanone carbons. It is part of the ring system

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Hexanone indicates an alkane carbon chain with a C=O, so using that same relationship what would you expect the same compound with an alkene group be called? You also need to specify the position of the ene group with a number (as in for example, cyclopent-1-ene).


As for the first part, RMgLi is still not a Grignard reagent. At all. Look up organolithium reagents and what they are used for.

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