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Internet Stardom?


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There was an article on AOL news today (http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/news/article.adp?id=20050226073809990007) about how embarassed the creator and star of a short flash video called "Numa Numa", which features a 19 year old kid singing and dancing (like a lunatic) to a Romanian Pop song. The article definitely gives it a pitying, "is not fair" slant to this account. It fails to really define, however, that he willfully put this ridiculous and embrarassing video online himself. Although I feel bad for him, I am kind of inclined to think he has no right to be upset. What do you think?


Here's a quote:


But with the Internet, humiliation - like everything else - has now gone public. Upload a video of yourself playing flute with your nose or dancing in your underwear, and people from Toledo to Turkmenistan can watch.


Um yeah, the internet is widely accessable. Any one who makes a silly video and posts it online does so with the full knowledge of this fact. I dare say they bring the embarassment on themselves. What do they expect to happen?

I'm interested in everyone's opinion, not necessarily about this video, but on if it the the worldwide web's fault or the maker of any silly, potentially embarassing movie.

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