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A hypothetical warning from planet earth to humanity

Alan McDougall

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A warning from Planet Earth to Humanity

Aug 7th, 2010 at 9:11am


I will brush off that, which hurts and irritates me mere mortal man!


My lungs, veins and blood are dirty and I have fever because of you, mere mortal man!.


I am ill and my warnings go unheeded, listen no before it is too late mere mortal man!.

Listen humanity! it is a privilege to live on my skin, not a right, mere mortal man!


You do nor own me and have no right to abuse me like you are doing, mere mortal man!


Heed my warnings or it will be too late and I move my plates causing unimaginable disaster mere mortal man!

If you refuse to listen I will crack open my skin and spill out my inner contents onto the fields above, mere mortal man!

Stop running ahead you are too immature to try and manipulate me, mere mortal man!


An end of an age is at hand, choose life or heed this warning and live, mere mortal man!


You are giving life to the inanimate and it will rule you very soon if you refuse to heed this warning, mere mortal man!.

I am watching and debating your end, mere mortal man!


You are not in isolated, I know your every move mere mortal man!

Stop killing the object that gave you life, mere mortal man!


Or I will bring forward the last day of reason, eliminate you soon, if you don't change your ways mere mortal man!


I will bring forward the "Omega Moment" the end of you, not me, mere mortal man!


©Copyright Alan Grant McDougall 2007


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