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New laptop is needed, and ideas are needed to generate the money needed for the laptop.


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Hello peoples,


I am getting back into programming(For Arduino) , and I need a new computer. The one that I am using can barely run the Eclipse SDK. It is fine when I use the Ardunio SDK, or Processing, but when I am programming the Arduino board, I am going to be using C++, not the modified Java that Arduino uses, although I am going to learn it. Right now, I am learning processing, a dumbed down version of Java, then I am going to learn real Java. I need Java so I can make an Android app to control the “robot”. And yes, I am getting a Nexus 7(or if parents are happy, a Nexus 10), and that is an Android tablet for my birthday, if I do a schedule. Therefor, they aren’t getting me a new computer, because they are getting me that.

So any ideas for computers? I would prefer a laptop, for I plan on getting a desktop this summer.


And any ideas for money? I am tutoring my sister, and if she gets an A in Math, then I get $50, plus $20 dollars for every A, (for a total of six possible A's), 25 for every A+, and Christmas and birthday money. I need the money for both the Arduino board and laptop. My dad said that he would get me the Arduino for my birthday if I wanted, but I don't think I can wait that long, plus I need the Laptop.


Thankyou, and I will keep a running log of my Programming that I am learning on my blog.


Edit, the laptop will not spend more than $500 on, it needs four gigs, and a harddrive over 350GB. Needs to be fast enough to run Blender and Unity, and Gimp(3-d Modeling and Game making Program, Free Photoshop), and Minecraft with no lag :D Seriously though, I don't want to settle. It would be awesome if I could upgrade it to 8 gb of ram.

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